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The entire overhead console unit clips into a socket. The entire overhead console unit must be pulled down from the ceiling of the car. There is a single phillips-head screw towards the windshield that attaches the console to the ceiling. Once this screw is removed, use a small pry bar to pull down on the console on the opposite end. The console is held in with two or more metal clips that will disengage when you pull down with the pry bar. When I did this the other week, I was afraid I would break the console by pulling too hard, but it un-clipped an came right down. You will see the light bulbs clipped into the sockets. The sockets must be retracted from the console, then the light bulbs can be replaced. Do not squeeze the bulbs too forcefully, or they may shatter between your fingers!! Installation is the reverse of the above procedure.

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Q: How do you change the map light on a Kia Sedona?
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Where is the fuse for the windshield washer on a Kia Sedona 2008 model?

right hand side of the engine is black fuse box next to battery open the lid via the two clips under side is a map for the fuse block this tells you the fuse location in my case it is number 1 there are 5 replacement fuse's also if they already haven't be used :)

How do you make dome light come on when door opens on 2005 Kia sorento?

I have an '03 Kia Sorento. When my (center) dome light over the middle seat quit working, it was a diode in the system; replaced under warranty, now out again!! It now works when the key is on, and you turn it on from the dash dimmer switch, but not when you open the door; only the far back one comes on. The front map lights DO NOT come on with the door open.