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If it's the same as mine, it's a led light and you have 2 replace the power converter, there's no bulb. $250. I rigged mine up 2 use a 12 volt lamp.

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Q: How do you change the middle brake light on a 1997 mercury mountaineer?
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How do you change front brake pads on 2006 Mercury Mountaineer?

Go to dealer...and they will change them to early.

What type of brake fluid is used in 1998 Mercury Mountaineer?

DOT 3 brake fluid

What type of brake do you use for your 2000 mercury mountaineer?

DOT ( 3 ) brake fluid , if that is what you are asking ?

What brake fluid gets used in a 2003 mercury mountaineer?

According to the 2003 Mercury Mountaineer Owner Guide : ( DOT 3 brake fluid , meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A )

What type of brake fluid 2002 mercury mountaineer?

On a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer : ( DOT 3 brake fluid meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A ) According to the Owner Guide

Why is the brake light staying on after having your 2000 Mercury Mountaineer tires rotated?

check brake fluid level.

How much is the labour to replace rear brake pads on a Mercury Mountaineer?

In CT USA, a garage would charge 1 hour labor to replace the rear brake pads on that Mountaineer.

What fuse controls the park release on a 2002 mercury mountaineer?

Should be common to the brake light circuit

Is dot 3 the correct brake fluid for a 2000 mountaineer?

According to the 2000 Mercury Mountaineer Owner Guide : ( Yes , DOT 3 brake fluid , meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A )

Brake lights won't go off on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer?

bad switch or possibly stuck switch

Would ABS Sensor cause 1997 mercury mountaineer not to start?

No , ABS is the anti-lock brake system

How come the Brake lights stay on in 2002 mercury mountaineer?

If the ((ABS)) Light is on then it's a good thing indicating that the Antilock brakes sensor is in good condition. I too have a 2002 mountaineer

What do you do if the brake lights are not working on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer?

If locks have also stopped locking automatically, then you will have to change the brake switch located on the brake pedal. Go to a local auto shop and pick one up. It is easy to replace. Just look how the original is mounted, it is not too complicated.

How do you test the brake lights on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

back up close to a door or building... press brake pedal... look into mirror to see if lts are lit

What kind of rear brakes for a 1997 mercury mountaineer AWD?

Disc brakes ( with small brake shoes in the back of the rotors for your parking / emergency brake )

Where is the fuse for the headlights for 2003 mercury mountaineer?

look in the owners manual. However should be by the emergency brake you have to get on the floor and look up

Why would both brake lights not operate on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer and the fuse is good?

the bulb has fused or broken or the electronics need fixing

How do you replace the front brake pads on a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

Lift the car, remove the tire, remove the brake shoe/caliper, and remove the old brake pads. Put in the new brake pads, replace the brake shoe/caliper, replace the tire, and lower the car.

What could be the problem on a 2002 mercury mountaineer 2wd that has a noise when driving and especially turning left?

Bad wheel bearing? Brake pads worn?

Brake lights stay on 2002 mountaineer?

check the brake light switch

Where is the heated drivers seat fuse on the 2008 mercury mountaineer?

According to the 2008 Mercury Mountaineer owners manual : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment near the brake fluid reservoir : ( mini fuse # 28 is a 20 amp fuse for the heated SEATS )

Which fuse-relay corresponds to the brake lights on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer 2WD?

It should have only a fuse and a switch, no relay. Check ALL of the fuses with a test light.

Is the brake light and tail light all one piece on a 2000 mercury mountaineer?

yes the is a single assembly. replacement assembly is available here

What causes the brake warning light to come on a 2000 mercury mountaineer?

The red " BRAKE " warning light in your dash comes on if the emergency brake / parking brake is on , or if the BRAKE FLUID LEVEL in the brake master cylinder ( located in your engine compartment , near the firewall , on the drivers side of the engine compartment ) IS LOW

How do you change rear brake light 2001 mercury villager?

To change the rear brake light on a Mercury Villager, the tail gate must first be lifted. This allows access to the lens, which must be removed with a screwdriver. Then, the bulb may be replaced.