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If it's is an 2.2L ECOTEC engine (it will say right on it) It will have a little housing that you pull the filter element out of, it will not be the regular everyday oil filters that you see. You will see it when you look under the hood. It will be black and you will need a 1 1/4 socket , and extention, and a ratcket. It will be located under a solid (possibly) black air duct so you will have to crack it loose and turn the rest by hand (just because it is partially under and your socket will get stuck, lol) Then you just pull the filter off of the cap and put the new one int Make sure the new one clicks in, and that you can spin it with ease (you'll see). Place it back in and tighten it snug. The drain plug is underneath and it should be a 15 mm, if not, then a 13 mm. It will take 4.7 L when u put oil back in (Canadian Litres). The filters should be $13 at GM and $10 at Canadian Tire.

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Q: How do you change the oil in a 2004 Cavalier?
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