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How do you change the power steering hoses on a 1995 gmc k1500 suburban 4x4?


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Having just changed the pressure side hose on my 1996 Suburban it's actually pretty simple. First you'll need a 5/8 and an 11/16 combination or end wrench. Loosen the fittings to the steering box with the 11/16 from the top of the vehicle. Then climb under, you can reach the fittings on the back of the pump by sliding your hand up past the front differential but you'll find it's easier to see what you are doing if you remove the differential skidplate (4 bolts, 9/16 I think, I was too lazy to remove mine...) It's best to attach the hoses in the following sequence. Return line to pump, Pressure line to pump, Pressure line to steering box, return line to steering box. (The return line has small clamps, approx 1/4" wide, from the metal line to the rubber, while the pressure line has hydraulic crimps about 1" long.) Don't forget to put new o-rings on the line ends (They should come with the new hoses...) Good luck.


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