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Buy a good manual. You get what you pay for. If you are going to keep the car, buy a factory manual.

Get new seals for sensors BEFORE you start the job.

Drain the coolant. While the coolant is draining remove fan. Then disconnect all hoses tubes and wires from radiator. (Sometimes hoses must be disconnected before the fan can be removed.) Remove radiator. Transfer any sensors to new radiator and apply seals.

Reverse steps to re-assemble. Do your best to avoid smashing the metal fins on the radiator. Refill with coolant. There is likely a cooling system bleed valve that needs to be opened to let air out. Close bleed valve when coolant comes out. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. The bleed valve is usually located by the thermostat housing. Your manual will give you more specifics.

When radiator appears to be nearly full and coolant has come out of bleed valve, start car with rad cap off. Let the car warm up to the point that the thermostat opens. You know this happens when the upper radiator hose starts to get hot. This process can be accelerated by holding the engine RPM at 2,000. After T-stat opens, top off radiator. Fill reservoir to middle of max min marks. Pour water over any areas that have antifreeze on them. Water dries quickly, antifreeze doesn't. This way you can see if there are any leaks after your test drive.


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Q: How do you change the radiator in a 94 Honda Accord?
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