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Hey Greg==Pull up on the beltand you will see how the idler pulley has to be pried to relieve the tension on the belt. There should be a routing of the belt on the fan shoud. If not draw a schematic before removing the old one. Goodluck Joe

I have been advised that if you can get the proper wrench/socket onto the bolt head on the front of the tensioner pulley you should turn counter clockwise (towards the rear of the vehicle) and this will move the pulley to allow slack in the belt. HOWEVER there is such little clearance between the pulley and the sidewall of the engine compartment that I don't see any practical way to do this! An open-end or box wrench on the bolt with a strong metal pipe over the wrench might provide enough leverage.... Struggling with alternator removal myself right now.

The belt diagram is on the underside of the hood - look up!

CORRECTION to previous answer: When using a serpentine belt lever bar (or similar tool) on the pulley nut, turn CLOCKWISE (towards FRONT of vehicle) to relieve tension on the serpentine belt.

CLARIFICATION: According to my manual, the tensioner on the OHC 24 Valve engine turns opposite to relieve tension as does the one on the OHV engine.

A 15mm Cresent Wrench (ROUND END) fits in the VERY NARROW AREA... I did unbolt the reservoir to make a little more room...(left the larger hose attached to avoid loosing all the antifreeze)... and yes, you do pull towards the front of

the vehicle.

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Q: How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1999 Ford Taurus?
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