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How do you change the tail light bulbs on a 93 Nissan 240sx?


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Open the trunk or hatch and pull away the interior panel/carpet stuff and just turn and pull out the socket and put the bulb out of that.


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To change the light bulb on a Nissan Micra first lift the hood of the car. Find the headlight housings the pull the light bulbs from the ballast. Replace the bulbs.

The light assy has to be removed and the bulbs removed from the back.

You have to unbolt the entire tail lamp assembly to change the bulbs. Unbolt the tail lamps from inside the corners of the bed, replace the light bulbs, bolt the tail lamps back in place.

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open your trunk to get access to your tail light, unscrew some plastic snap-on-screws to get to the panel that holds all your tail lights move the fabric uncling the panel CAREFULLY and change your burn bulbs

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all you have to do is unbolt the whole fog light from it sides and undo the 4 screws on the back. the blub is a H3-55w

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It's below the light silver peice, under the right side of the engine bay.

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