How do you change the tail light in a 2006 BMW 325i?

It is relatively easy. On the passenger side you have to remove the cover that is attached with a plastic knob. You have to remove three bolts that are easily accessible. On the driver's side you remove the small panel to get at the bolts. To remove the lights on the trunk you have to remove the plastic grommets that hold the trunk panel in place. The grommets are released by prying the button away from the grommet. I used a small flat bladed screwdriver to open it up then pulled the button off with a open ended wrench that I placed between the parts to remove the button. You will also have to remove the cable that hold the trunk release handle in order to remove the trunk panel. There is only one bolt that holds the tail light in place. Move the light to the outside of the trunk in order to slide the retainers away from the trunk lip.