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Well that car was available with 3 engines. In the s model it had a d15, in the si it was a d16z6 and in the vtec model it was a b16. So I can't be too exact for you but basically two of your radiator hoses(the large rubber ones) will go to the engine. Both of them will slip over a a male connector on the engine this is about where you want to be. First make sure the engine is COLD (if you boil your hands don't blame me) The part that the hose slips over should unbolt fairly easily and if you picked the right one a bunch of coolant will spill out and you will see a metal disk with a spring and a rubber gasket(this is the thermostat). If you picked the wrong one you will still spill a lot of coolant then have the opportunity to put it back curse profusely and try again. Once you have it exposed it should pull out(they sometimes stick) make sure that you have the new gasket well seated on the thermostat and put it in the right way up(same way up). Once everything is back in place refill the radiator and overfill the overflow tank slightly. As you take it for a few drives that should get rid of any bubbles in the system make sure the system stays full. finally if you want to know if the old one was really bad boil it and it should open.

The thermostat should have a small hole and a little metal piece that rattles around on one edge. That goes up.

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Q: How do you change the thermostat on a 1994 Honda Del Sol?
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