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If the same as the Country, there are few small screws around the headlight casing that you first need to remove. Next, there are also there are a two longer screws that hold the blinker cover on. AFter moving the blinker cover out of the way there are additional screws to remove from within that opening. Carefully check around the area of the headlight casing to find all that must be removed. When you are able to move the casing without any screws holding it in, you will find that it will slide out from the front grill cover. Once you are at the headlight, you will have four screws to remove the silver frame off of the lamp itself. (FYI: There are other screws too - but some are for headlight positioning and not for replacement purposes.) Removing the screws is pretty simple - it gets a little trickier when replacing because they have more of a tendency to fall then! And, of course, simply reverse your steps to complete the project. You could potentially complete the project in say 15 - 20 minutes for one headlight.

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Q: How do you change to headlight on your 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport?
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