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How do you change valve seals on a Toyota 22re without removing the head?


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2015-07-15 21:28:38
2015-07-15 21:28:38

IF you fabricate(compression gauge fitting) a way to put compressed air into the spark plug hole, it will keep the valve closed so you can remove the keepers. Check with Autozone, Pep Boys ect. for a valve spring tool to do it with.

  • jwko - if no air is available you could fill the cylinder with small rope and bring piston up to keep valve from falling in. if air is available, buy a compression tester w/hose(sears) as the fittings are usually the same as any air chuck.

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can you change the injector tubes and seals without removing the cylinder head on a 1.7 cdti Vauxhall combi and is it much of a job

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Replace them. This can be done without removing the heads. Talk to your mechanic about this.

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It is used to replace valve seals on many automotive engines without removing the cylinder head from the block.

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You need to change the seals. You can buy a complete set of seals, or just change the seal that leaks. it is pretty simple and can be done with no special tools. But be aware not to get any dirt into the pump.

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most auto parts stores sell a kit with everything you need for this task. Including instructions.

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