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this may help. I just replaced the water pump on my 1969 sea king with the help of this video:

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How do you change water pump on 1955 sea king?

To change a water pump in a 1955 Sea King you will first want to pop the cover off the top and unscrew the first screws on the top of the motor. Next you will want to remove the old water pump and replace the new one. Besure to screw the new on back down just like the old one was. Replace the cover when finished.

Types of pumps?

Fuel pump, sea water pump, fresh water pump, lube oil pump, Bilge pump, submergeable pump, portable pumps.

How does a submarine change its weight?

Submarines can pump sea water into or out of ballast tanks, if they wish to change their weight (of course, anything that enters or leaves a submarine will also change its weight - people, supplies, weapons, etc. - but if you just want to change the weight, the easiest way is to pump water into the submarine).

How do you change fresh water to sea water?

Put it in the sea.

How are Sea Turtles different from King cobras?

the king cobras are found in forests and it is a land animal, while in sea turtle it is a sea or water animals and it is live in the sea

How the first submarine changed society?

Submarines can pump sea water into or out of ballast tanks, if they wish to change their weight (of course, anything that enters or leaves a submarine

Is sea water drying up chemical or physical change?

Evaporation of water is a physical change.

How does the density of sea water change with depth?

the density of sea increases with depth

What pump will be used as main sea water pump?

It must be a centrifugal pump as the pump supplies water to coolers such as fuel oil ,lube oil and the fresh water generator. Also to reduce the scale formation in the pipes connected the flow rate is kept high. these demands can be fullfilled by a centrifugal pump only

Why does density of sea water change with depth?

the density does not change, only the pressure

How do volcanoes change the chemistry of sea water?

Because it does

Will the pH of sea water change with depth?

Yes it does

How does Netherlands reclaim its land from the sea?

First build a dike around the area which you want to claim from the sea. Then pump the water away threw canals. In the early days we used windmills to pump the water, nowadays we use electric machines.

Can you pump sea water into your pool?

Yes, you can. Sea water is a good idea provided you exchange it out often enough, as it requires no addition of chlorine or chemicals and is free to use.

The process of evaporating water from sea-water for drinking is a?

This is a physical change.

Is evaporating sea water a physical chemical or nuclear change?

Evaporating seawater is a physical change. Physical changes affect the form, but not the chemical makeup of a substance. The sea water is undergoing a change in states of matter, not a chemical reaction. You can undo the change by condensing the evaporated water .

How was wind power used historically?

-to pump water -grind grain -sail boats at sea

Is evaporating water from sea water physical or chemical change?

Evaporation is a physical process.

How deep is the water for king crab fishing in the Bering Sea?

300 meters

Sea water drying up and leaving a salt residue a chemical change?

physical change

Is salt crystals forming as sea water evaporates a chemical change?

Evaporation is a physical change.

Who is the king Pokemon of the sea?

lugia is the king of the sea

How does sea urchins move in the sea?

Sea urchins move using their tube feet and spines on the underside of their body. they use their water vascular system. THis is where they pump water into their feet and when they touch the ground the water gets pushed out. This uses a lot of energy but only works slowly.

What animal is the king of the sea?

The king of the sea is the blue whale

Why do starfish live in saltwater only?

They are not fish despite their name starfish. Starfish are often called sea stars and live only in salt water. Sea water, instead of blood, is actually used to pump nutrients through their bodies via a salt water vascular system. Since they must use salt water to pump nutrients throughout their bodies, they have to live in salt water.