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How do you change your saved password?

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You may have the password saved to your computer and you are spelling it differently than it is on Facebook. Check your caps lock to make sure it is off.

go all the way over to settings and go to security settings and pick change password and if you have a new psp type in 0000 for the password

You cannot change your username if you have already saved your person. You can change your password by going to the star in the left hand corner of the screen.

you can change your password , you just have to go to settings and change your password.

how can i change my password in rediff

How do I change my password on

In context to Windows and MAC, there are two places where you save your password. Windows - Password Saved in Browser You can visit settings for respective Browser and under advanced settings you have all your Saved password. If you have saved your master password you will need that to Show/hide these password, which you can selectively remove. MAC - Saved Passwords for Login and Browser You can open up keychain and remove respective password for Applications such as Facetime, skype etc. You can also visit respective browsers for removing selective passwords. For screenshot you can google a little bit.

ok log in to your laptop press the start botten all the way to the top you see a picture click the picture and where it says change picture change the picture then press ok for your picture to be change you will see change password click change password if you want to change you password then next to it you will see change password hint then change it to any password hint you want it to be so you can remember your password.

I do not change your password. But you may change it on thier official webpage.

There is in some cases, password that remains in Gmail. That means the password is saved in the browser. You need to remove the password and then forget it in browser.

how can we change the wifi password

The only person that can change your password - is YOU !

To change the password of your friendster account, you must go to your setting and change your password. Then, click "save."

You can change password of the account you own. You need to know the current password first. Then only you can change the new password.

In the blue column on the left, you will see "my settings". Click on that, and it will take you to your settings, one of which is your password. Follow the instructions (by entering your current password, then your new one, etc). Don't forget to click on "save settings" before exiting that page, or your new password will not be saved.

To change your yahoo password you need to be logged in, and go to account info. Then click on change password. You will have to type in your old password, and the new password that you would like to use.

you can't change username but you can change password

Go to control panel and you can go to User accounts and select the user to change password and change the password.

At the login page, underneath the part where you type in your password, click forgot password. Then you can change your password.

Go to change password in My Account.

Log in, and click change password..?

my password is close i am change opshion

i already an account but forget my password how can i change this

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