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Unless it is a rechargeable battery you cannot charge a dry charge battery. If it is rechargeable you need to purchase a charger for that size battery. Automobile batteries are not dry charge.

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Q: How do you charge dry charge battery?
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Why can you charge a car battery but not a torch battery?

A torch (flashlight) battery is a dry cell, and is not designed to be recharged.

Can the acid in a battery disappear?

Oh yes. They can dry out and your cells inside of your battery will be dry so there for your battery wont hold a charge. if its dry acid no it cant but will wear out. But wet batteries do dry out but some batteries like car battery can be topped off with acid fluid.

What can be used when a car battery goes dry?

Add Distilled water to the battery and then charge it fully with a battery charger. Do not add tap water.

Do you really need to charge a new dry motorcycle battery?

Yes after you add the electrolyte.

Do sealed dry charged battery need water?

You answered your own question. Sealed dry or gel type battery need no maintenance other than keeping a full charge on them

How do you make your Xbox 360 controller work?

charge it, turn it on, take out the battery and dry it with a towel

How long does it take to charge a brand new dry motorcycle battery?

apparently 24 hrs

How long does a iPod Shuffle battery last?

15 hours. To ensure maximum battery life, fully charge and run the battery dry the first time you use it.

Can you use rf80-k charger to charge an NiMH or NiCD battery pack 7.2 volt?

Rf80-k aircrfat battery charger can charge all type of batteries dry and wet cells

How do you store a new auto battery?

Clean the battery up with baking soda and water then fully charge it. Store it in a cool dry location. Recharge the battery every 2 months.

Can you charge a battery with heat?

No, it takes electricity to charge a battery.

Can a battery have a magnetic charge?

No the battery don't have a magnetic charge.

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