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If you have MySpace, then you can download myspace messenger. And talk to people on that. FROM ANYWHERE!!

If you have Yahoo Messenger, then you can go and that. By having a Yahoo E-mail, you can join rooms, click the categories.

Or if you're in art. And all.

Go to the website.

and sign up for that. It's totally free.:) You can chat on there, and share you art with others.

It's very cool

I hope that this helped!!

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What is web messenger?

it is when you chat online with someone

How do you know if someone is online on Facebook?

if there name is on chat

Can you chat with someone?

yes online iddin is good for that.

Can you tell is someone is online on Facebook?

yes you click on chat and it will pop up and you must have them as a friend but you click on chat and it will show your friends that are online

What is a chat line?

Either a one-on-one conversation with someone online or a group conversation online.

How do you chat with someone who is not on facebook?

You really can't; it will say that you have to send them a message via mobile and they will eventually be online and chat again.

How do you chat on Gmail?

If you have contacts, when someone is online ( they must be a gmail user) you'll see a green dot next to it and if you click on them you can chat.

How can you tell that someone is typing in the chat room on Facebook?

A chat bubble will replace the round green circle that shows you that the person you are chatting with is online.

Which is the correct grammar to chat to someone or to chat with someone?


Can I have someone to chat with?

Sure what do you want to talk about

Is online chat on webs?

The Enhenced Package of Webs include Email and Live Chat (online chat). If you use basic package without Live Chat included, you can choose the third-party live chat software provider to get online.

How do you talk to someone on msn?

Add the desired person on MSN, after his approval you will be free to chat with him when he is online.

How can you chat your online friends on tagged?

how can i chat online friends on tagged

What is chat or voice chat?

Chat is basically talking to someone. You could do online chat, etc, going on quick chat on windows messenger or facebook etc. Think about it, its in the name ;] Yasmin bums homeless people :] Youu Have a meat head youree jealouss ;]

Chatting with a New Person Online?

Dating someone online can be difficult, especially if you are new to Internet relationships. The key to connecting with someone online is to chat with them for several weeks before you make the decision to actually meet them. By chatting with that special person, you can get to know what their interests are and whether or not the relationship will have a future depending on how well the two of you connect through online chat.

Where would someone most likely lurk online?

Someone would most likely lurk online at chat rooms and forums. They may also lurk on dating and relationship sites.

What are some online chat rooms in the UK?

Some online chat rooms in the United Kingdom are Just Chat, Kiss Chat, UK Chatters, Lycos Chat, Chat Bazaar, Rendez Vous Chat, Mingles 2, and Chat Random.

How do you get the chat bar on roblox?

Click on "Online" button on the bottom of your screen , click part and invite someone.

What is a chat channel in online chat?

ok you can to find very good rooms online on these sites:, icq, facebookA chat channel in Online Chat is a way to start online chat. People usually start online chat with two different tools, one-to-one or one-to-many. One-to-one chat tools are used for personal communication, such as ICQ, Skype, MSN, etc.

How do you chat with Jaden Smith online?

tiny chat

Is there an online chat on this site?

No, WikiAnswers is not a chat room.

How do you get Aston Merrygold to chat to you online?

Aston does not want to chat to his fans he will exepet fan mail but not chat online to eny one he doesn't no!

Where can you talk to Jaden Smith or chat with him?

You can chat with him on tiny chat. Thats only if he is online

What do you have to press on gaia online to chat?

my chat is down how you get it up so i can chat HELP

Where can one chat live on the internet?

If someone wanted to chat live on the internet there are a variety of places where someone can do so. Some of these places are Chat Roulette, Live Chat Inc and Chat Avenue.