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You could quickly open the hood. Locate the fan motor in the firewall, usually on the passenger side. Disconnect probably a 2 or 3 wire plug going to it and run a alligator clipped wire from the positive battery to the plugs on the fan. Touch each plug with the hot wire from the battery and see if it comes on. If it doesn't, than it's burned out and needs replacing.

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Q: How do you check a Ford Escort blower fan?
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98 Ford Escort heater fan wont work?

Check the 30 amp Blower fuse. If not that check the fan relay, if not that check the blower motor directly from a jump on the fan itself.

How do you check a 1990 Ford Escort blower fan?

find the power wire at the fan if theres power to it then the fan is bad

Can you bypass the Blower Motor Resistor on a 1986 Ford Escort?

You will only have high speed fan

What does the blower look like on a 97 ford escort sw?

The heater blower on a 97 Ford Escort station wagon is a small electric motor about 5 inches in diameter and it has a squirrel cage fan on the end of the motor shaft.

Where is the fuse for the heater AC blower fan located on a 94 Ford Escort?

On my 1994 it is circuit #5 , 25amp

1993 Ford Escort location of blower motor resistor?

I have 1993 ford escort 1.9 , heater fan not working, new fan motor is good, checked fuses, they seem ok, is there a relay and where is it, Thanks for any help you can offer

The heater fan has quit in your 1997 ford escort?

Blown fuse, defective blower motor resistor pack, blower motor, or blower motor switch. This happened to me and I found a connector at the fan motor had fried. I changed the connector and it worked great.

Air conditioner and blower fan on 2000 ford focus does not work?

Check your fuse boxes.

Where is the blower fan for a 1992 ford escort gt?

It's on the passenger side under the dash and right next to the kick panel on the inside of the vehicle.

What would cause the blower motor to short out on a 1995 ford escort lx?

The blower motor is on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is under the glove box at about foot level. Frequently the hot wire that goes to the fan gets hit by someones foot and it makes it short out. Check the hot wire going to the fan motor.

Do you havew to remove the blower fan to take out the fan motor in a 1988 Escort?

Only if it doesn't come out, with it on.

Fuse for fan on 1999 Ford Escort?

I tis in the fuse block under the dash on the drivers side. Replace the 30 amp fuse marked Blower.

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