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pull a spark plug wire off of a spark plug but leave it connected to the distributor. get a screw driver and have it touch inside the pluge wire and also be touching another metal on the car (make sure you are not touching any metal, just the rupper on the wire and the plastic handle of the screwdriver have someone turn over the engine.

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Q: How do you check for spark?
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Crx wont start?

check spark check spark

1994 Eagle Summit what to check if it has no spark?

Check the coil, as that is where the spark comes from.

If you have no spark on a 1991 subaru legacy what do you check for replacement?

If you have no spark on the 1991 Subaru Legacy, you should check the spark plugs and spark plug wires for replacement. You should also check the battery and ignition for replacement.

No spark to one of the spark plugs?

Check the plug and the wire.

Changed the spark wires spark plugs and distributor cap now car will crank but not start?

Check/replace Rotor Check for spark at plugs

Why won't a 1978 Corvette idle?

Check the spark. If that's good check compression and timing. Check the spark. If that's good check compression and timing.

My 1994 Eagle Summit won't start. There is no spark.?

AnswerIf there is no spark I would say its the distributor.AnswerBefore condemning the distributor, check for spark from the coil. If no spark check the crankshaft position sensor.

How do you check if spark plugs have spark?

Do you have a wire that goes to the top of the engine then yes you have a spark plug

What would not give spark on a 1995 eagle talon esi?

check ur spark plugs, then check ur spark plug wires. then check ur coil pack, then check ur power transistor if no luck its ur ecu

It cranked and ran home and has not started since then?

Check for loss of ignition spark. Weak or no spark will cause the vehicle to not start. Check fuel pressure if the spark is good.

What do you check when your not getting any spark on a 1984 Ford Ranger?

Assuming you mean no spark at the spark plugs; check for spark at the coil - if you have spark, then remove the distributor cap and check the rotor and contacts for corrosion. If you don't have spark at the coil, then either the coil is bad or you have a broken wire in the system. (Coils seldom go bad but there is always that possibility). Hope this helps.

How can you get your scooter to start in damp weather?

spray wd 40 on electrics check spark by connecting spare spark to HT lead and placing plug body against engine body and kickstarting. Check spark jumps across gap. If no spark check battery for electrolyte and spark is not tracking on coil top.If magneto ignition check that points are opening to correct gap

93 crown vic overheat will not start replace thermostat and spark plugs still will not start what should you do?

Check for fuel, and check for a spark at the end of the plug wire. Check the fuel breaker in the trunk, drivers side. If no spark, check the coil pak's.

Why you dont get spark on your 1998 eclipse?

Check the distributor and spark plug wires.

How do you check a spark plug for spark?

advance auto sells a spark plug tester for around 25 dollars

What would be the problem if a 1994 grand Cherokee cannot start?

first check each spark plug to see if your getting spark if there is no spark check the plug wires for any breaks in the wires also the distributor cap and rotor for wear or corrosion. also check the coil. if engine does have spark check to see if the engine is getting fuel if the engine is not getting fuel check the fuel pump. also check cylinders for compression.

Car is cranking did not start and you smell gas What's wrong?

Simple your not getting spark from the spark plugs. i recomend getting someone that knows how to check for spark because there is a lot of items you have to check.

What do you need to check if you don't have fire at the spark plugs on a 98 camaro 3.8l?

spark at the ign coil. if none, check for voltage at the ign module.

Why won't my truck start turns over and over but won't fire?

check for spark at the spark plugs... check for fuel getting pulled into the throttlebody

What would cause a 1997 Saturn SC1 to not start at all when it sits in the rain?

Check the ECTS. Check for spark. No spark equals bad CPS

How do you check for spark on a 95 Pontiac Grand Am?

You have to remove the head gasket to check in the cylinder. The click and flash should be obvious on a working spark plug

What if your o troy-bilt 6.75 HP engine push lawn mower will not start?

Start by checking your spark if you don't have spark check the spark plug. If the spark plug is ok then check your flywheel - It may have rust on it. Clean it up and clean up your coil and see if you have spark. If you still don't have spark change your coil. If it has spark and no fuel - clean your carb.

Why Spark plugs are not firing on 92 Camry?

Check the spark plug wires and the distributor cap.

Mercury Sable cranks but does not start?

Is there spark/fuel? fuel dont know how to check for spark

1984 Chevrolet caprice 3.8 v6 no spark to spark plugs?

check for power at coil if you have power with key on then check for spark comming out of coil and coil wire if you have spark there then make sure distributer rotor is turning by removing cap and cranking over