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how do you check the abs sensor on a 1998 contour

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Check the engine oil level. If low, add oil. If not, then something wrong with sensor.

how do you set or check the timing on a 99 ford expedition?

On a 1999 Ford Expedition : The Mass Air Flow sensor is between the engine air filter and the large diameter engine air intake tube ( it is INSIDE a round shaped plastic housing )

Check Fuses, Replace Bulbs, Replace Shift Position Sensor. End of solution

Check your light bults and connections, Check the ground. Get a volt tester and check for proper power. exc.

I have the check engine light on and the code is for map sensor on my 1999 1500 Chevy suburban

check the throttle positioning sencer. (TPS) for short.

Check the sensor on the brake pedal arm.

Check your owners manual. If you don't have one copy & paste this link.

I have a 1999 Nissan maxmia, the check engine light came on and i went to get a check on it and the computer said, bad or weak o2 sensor, i was wonder where i was s it located at. how long do i have to ride on it

Check Owner's Manual. If you do not have one. Check Related links below.

where is located ford expedition 1999 relays

5 per wheel on the 1999 Ford Expedition

To find the misfire, check the crankshaft sensor on the 1999 suburban. Check for the proper fuel pressure, and check the ignition coils.

Bank 2 is the drivers side of the engine Sensor 2 is downstream of the catalytic converter ( after the exhaust gas has passed through the catalytic converter )

Check the fuel pressure. Check the computer codes for possible sensor issues. It is possible that a sensor is sending wrong info to the computer.

Expedition Journal - 1999 Into the Blue was released on: USA: 1999

When the oxygen sensor goes bad, the check engine light goes on.

On a 1999 Ford Expedition : The Mass Air Flow Sensor is located INSIDE the round shaped plastic housing , between the engine air filter housing and the engine air intake tube

A 1999 Dakota does not have a mass airflow sensor.A 1999 Dakota does not have a mass airflow sensor.

Start with: Check fuses, brake light switch (at brake pedal), check for trailer harness problems, check bulbs.

The sensor for the rear wheels are located on the brake shoe backing plate if you have drum brakes on the rear. The front brake sensor is located next to the caliper. The same if you have rear disc brakes.

Your speed sensor might be broken. Check it for rust or broken plastic part that would let water get in. Usually means you need to replace.

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