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swap it with another relay.

Correct answer is to check the engines ECU.

Swapping relays is the easiest way to check. I'm not sure what is meant by "the correct way" as stated above. A DVOM is used to check the resistance, such as recommended on a Mitsubishi; Same with Ford that states it should be between 40 and 120 Ohms bteween partular pins and over 10,000 on others. GMs can be commanded with a scan tool to run, but isn't an effective way to check it. They recommend a jumper and test light procedure. Therfore, " the correct way" depends on what you have, and you would need to BClear.

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Q: How do you check the fuel pump relay?
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What would keep the fuel pump relay from working the fuel pump?

check fuel pump fuse..

Why cant i get my new fuel pump to pump fuel in my 2001 ford ranger?

Check the fuel pump relay

Fuel pump lost power on Lincoln Town Car?

Check the fuel pump fuse and the fuel pump relay.

Why no power from fuel relay to fuel pump?

You should check the fuel pump fuse to make sure is not blown. If the fuse is good the fuel pump relay may be defective. It is always simpler to replace the fuse and the relay before removing the fuel pump.

How do you check Ford fuel pump relay?

Swap the relay with a known good relay.

Why won't my 1989 BMW 535i start?

Check the fuel pump, fuel pump wiring, fuel pump relay and fuel pump fuse.

New fuel pump is not working in 1993 s10 4.3 L?

check for voltage back where the hot wire connects to the fuel pump. also check groundwire off fuel pump. check fuel pump fuse / check fuel pump relay.

1986 Honda motorcycle 1100 no power to fuel pump?

Check the fuel pump relay.

Why is there No power fuel pump 94 escort?

check the fuse and change the fuel pump relay.

Thought the fuel pump was bad change pump still no power to pump?

Check the fuel pump relay and fuse.

How do you check the fuel pump fuse or fuel pump relay on a 94 Plymouth Voyager?

The relays are located on the driver side inner fender... I heard that you can take the horn relay out and change it with the fuel pump relay and if the fuel pump works and horn doesnt then you know that it was the relay... Fuses are easy to check, just look at it, if it is broken then its the fuse.

Why doesn't electricity get to the fuel pump in a 1995 Mercedes 320E?

Check fuse no 6. 20Amp located under the seat that is the fuel pump relay fuse. also check the function of the fuel pump relay itself.

Why will fuel pump not come on in 1996 Olds 88 after replacing fuel pump and sensor?

Check the fuel pump fuse & relay.

No power to fuel pump relay 94 crown vic?

Check fuel pump 20amp fuse in engine compartment fuse box, this feeds power to the fuel pump relay.

Why would you have no power to the fuel pump on a 1992 Mitsubishi Expo?

Check your fuel pump relay and fuse

1997 Dodge Neon and the fuel pump is not working you replaced it and it still does not pump fuel?

Check to make sure that the pump is getting power to the Neon fuel pump. Check the pump relay, and the pump fuses.

Where is the fuel pump inertia switch on a 93 silverado?

Chevy did not use them on there trucks. Check fuel pump pressure, fuel pump FUSE and FUEL pump relay.

Bronco ii no power to fuel pump?

Check the electrical plug at the fuel pump for melt-down damage. Check the inertia fuel pump shut down switch. Check the fuse. Check the relay.

Where is the fuel pump reset or relay switch for a 2003 GMC Envoy and how do you reset it?

GM vehicles do not have a fuel pump inertia switch. There is nothing to reset. Check the fuse and fuel pump relay.

1990 5.0 not getting fuel should you replace the fuel pump or have fuel pump relay checked first?

check the relay first,and then the fuses if this does not work the fuel pump will most likely need replaced

What do you do when you put new fuel pump on and new filter on and you don't get fuel?

check ur lines and see if they are kinked or broken Also check the fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay.

What if the fuel pump on a 89 Chevy pickup is not coming on?

Check the fuse, check the relay, check the wiring especially at the fuel pump. If all that checks good, replace the pump.

How and where do you check the fuel pump relay on a 1986 Chevy Corvette?

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Why is your 1990 S10 blazer fuel pump not pumping?

Check there is power to the fuel pump via the connector at the tank. Check fuel pump relay and fuses related to this. Or if there is a fuel cutout switch on this somehwere. If not, then need a fuel pump.

Does the 2005 pt crusier have a fuel pump relay?

A 2005 PT Cruiser does have a fuel pump relay. They have a fuel pump relay rather than a fuel pump switch. The fuel pump relay is located in the fuse box.