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How do you check the transmission fluid in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

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You can not check the transmission fluid it is sealed off. You

should take it to get it checked! actually you just have to jack

the car up and make sure its level, leave the car running and go

under the car and take the higher plug out of the transmission just

above the pan, if tranny fluid starts to come out, it is fine but

if nothig comes out you should start filling it up from the top

until it comes out.

This is one of the reasons that GM is on their way out of

business. The assine engineers that planned this one should be

shot. There is a red cap that is under the throttle body below the

exhaust manifold. Don't remove it unless the engine is running or

you'll start losing fluid. It is meant to be checked at room

temperature (104 degress f). It is full when there is nothing

running out. It is a real bastard trying to get the cap back on

when the manifold is screaming hot. The first attempt usually winds

up with a burn on your hand (wear gloves), and losing the cap

behind the transaxle. WARNING: Here's the kicker when that

happens-you can't shut the car off or it will spew oil. So you need

to raise the car while it's running to try to get to the dropped

cap. Be careful on this one.

When you change the filter, it calls for 6.9 quarts to refill.

The dry fill is around 12 quarts. Well I had 12 quarts into it and

it still wasn't to the overflow point. I'm not sure where that

leaves me. Somthings rotten in Detroit is all I know. The pan

gasket is reusable if you take it off carefully.

Try this:

I have a 2000 Malibu with the 3.1L. If you have the same tranny

as me and can't afford to take it to a dealer, the check plug is on

the passenger side of the car. It's near the axle on the underside

where the tranny wraps around the back of the engine. It's a pipe

thread plug and looks like a pointless bolt. Just remember to have

the engine running and the tranny in park when you check it. Also,

it must be warm. If it is full, fluid will be level to the whole

created when you remove the plug. Don't forget to put it back when

you are done.


Whenever I change the oil on my wife's 2000 Chev Malibu 3.1 L

checking the transmission oil level is a must since there is no

dipstick to check the oil level with. The MOTOR oil is hot to

change the oil in the motor. Driving the car up on ramps alters the

level a bit as does the trans fluid at 200 degrees instead of the

recommended 100 degrees. Let the car idle while you slide

cardboard, newspaper, a flex socket wrench with a deep 7/16 inch

six point socket. Set both the Park at the transmission gear

selector and the parking brake, and put blocks behind and in front

of the rear tires before you climb underneath the car. Cars roll

off of jacks, ramps and whatever enables mechanics to get

underneath. Before changing the motor oil while the engine is at a

slow idle, using a six point 7/16 wrench turn the plug on the

passenger side of the transmission counter clockwise looking down

at the top of the bolt/inspection plug. If oil runs out put the

plug right back in. If not add about four ounces at a time.

To add fluid, remove the red add fluid cap is on top of the

chain/side cover which is underneath the exhaust crossover in front

of the air valve. I used a turkey baster with the bulb removed and

used a funnel into the baster which I placed into the add fluid

hole after removing the red add fluid cap. While it is a better to

have one person adding fluid while the other is underneath yelling

stop when the fluid starts to run out of the inspection hole, I

added 4 oz at a time and may have a slightly overfilled

transmission. Although the car is not level, if you have fluid at

normal operation temperature, the expansion of the fluid will

compensate for the overfill due to the rear of the car being lower

than the front.

After removing the motor oil and filter, spray some engine

degreaser on the side of the motor and transmission to remove dirt

and to make finding future leaks and pinpoint their location.

If you do not have a leak and are not losing transmission fluid

the time to check the fluid level adds less than five minutes to

your oil change. If you have to remove the fill plug and add fluid

after finding or buying Dextron III transmission oil, you may add

15 - 30 minutes to the oil change.

The exhaust crossover pipe is several hundred degrees even at

idle. A bright flashlight is helpful to find leaks when lying on

the ground underneath the car and oil pans.

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