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How do you check transistor faulty or not?


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the best way is to compeair the data sheet of that transistor to the readings of that transistor. . . . .and u can get the readings of that transistor by using a fungction genrator and a c.r.o


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Impossible to give a specific answer without more information. Is it a BJT or a FET? Most general answer is you first have to understand the circuit using the transistor and what it's supposed to do. Then, 1. Check that the power supply voltages are correct. 2. Check that the DC biases are correct. 3. Check that the input signal is correct. 4. Check the output. But you have to know in advance what to expect.

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well either the radio control is not sending the signal or you burnt a transistor in the circuit board. that means you have to find the faulty transistor and switch it for another identical one.

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A: Any VOHM can check a transistor but only as good or bad .It will never tell you how good or how bad. A TEKTRONIC curve tracer does a very decent job for these devices.

the transistor is called as transistor because there is transfer of resistance from input to output .transfer resistance so it is transistor.

A silicon transistor is a transistor made of silicon.

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A Unijunction Transistor is a transistor that acts solely as a switch.

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Identify Transistor Pin-outsWhich Pin Is Which on a BJT?Use this chart to find which pin is the base on a bipolar transistor and at the same time get a good idea of whether the transistor is faulty or good.(Don´t test FETs in this way though - handling FET pins can destroy the transistor!).Follow tests 1 - 3 then decide from the result which of the four arrows to follow. You may have to go through the test sequence more than once to make your diagnosis.

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