How do you choose your bagman in Mafia Wars?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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go to home page of mafia wars application

scroll down to your top mafia

click promote bagman

go through your mafia members list and find your highest level mogul and click promote

they must be a mogul though

what they are is listed in the "character" column

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Q: How do you choose your bagman in Mafia Wars?
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How do you change your bagman on Mafia Wars?

Go to the "My Mafia" page, click on the sub-page "My Mafia" and it should show your top mafia members. Under the top mafia member (in this case, the bagman) there should be a little red arrow pointing down. Click this button to demote the current bagman. Then scroll through the list of mafia members to the new soon-to-be-bagman. On the right side of the screen, should be a button saying "Promote." Click this button, this will take you to a new page with a list of all the top mafia positions. Find the bagman position and go to the right side of the screen where it says "Promote." Click this button and you have just changed your bagman.

Why are top mafia positions unavailable in Mafia Wars?

It is because the player you are trying to promote is not the correct character type. For example a wheelman must be a fearless character and bagman must be a mogul.

When do you choose your character in Mafia Wars?

after you have chosen a name your Mafia Family

How do you promote your bodyguard in Mafia Wars?

on the home page of mafia wars go to the bottom then under bodyguard click promote, then choose who you want to promote :)

Can you change your class in Mafia Wars?

Yes, you can now change your class in Mafia Wars. Go to the Godfather and for 15 reward points you can choose a different class.

It says that a bagman and buttonman are not available for promotion in your mafia familywhy?

that means he is not qualified, find another mafia member to fill in that slot.

How do you get properties in Mafia Wars?

how do you get properties in mafia wars

Is there jail in Mafia Wars?

No, there is no jail in Mafia Wars.

What is 'jailed' on Mafia Wars?

On Mafia Wars you can't get jailed. On Mobsters a similar game to Mafia Wars you can get jailed though.

What is a baggageman?

The meaning of the term bagman is a person who does small jobs for the Mafia. Another term for bagman in this context would be go-boy. A different meaning of bagman refers to someone who is doing fundraising for a political party.

How do you gift in Mafia Wars?

wait until one sends you a gift.. when you accept it mafia wars will rompt you to "gift back". or click on my mafia and go into a mafia members profile and click on the gift can also go to the inventory tab and there you will see an option of gifting. you can choose there an item you can gift and the members of your mafia that you can send gifts to.

How does Mafia Wars choose your top 501 members?

i think that they are automatically ranked, so your top 501 would be the 501 most powerful people in your mafia.