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The Miracle Cloth did it!

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2013-05-08 09:17:19
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Q: How do you clean a 100-year-old brass lamp with intricate cutouts and is fabric lined?
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How do you clean a brass beaded lamp that has intricate cutouts and is fabric lined?

This sounds like a beautiful lamp so don't take chances and take the shade off and take it into a VERY WELL KNOWN dry cleaners and have your lamp shade done the professional way. There are several methods you can use to do it yourself, but it's not worth the risk for such a beautiful lamp shade.

What was a brass gallery used for on an antique sideboard?

It was used to hang a fabric curtain to prevent food spattering on the wall behind.

What are eyelets?

Eyelets are used to reinforce the strength needed for holes in fabric. Hope this helps ;) They're normally made of brass by the way ;)

What did fur traders trade?

First of all, the fur trade is history, not ancient history. They traded woven fabric, tin and brass kettles, beads, and tools for pelts, mainly beaver.

Is a the comet instrument a brass or woodwind?


Why are brass instruments called brass?

because they are made of brass

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Brass is an alloy made up of copper and zinc and is used in a variety of industries including plumbing electrical and manufacturing. It is considered to be an expensive metal due to its versatility and durability. The cost of brass is dependent on the current market prices of copper and zinc as well as the manufacturing process used to create the alloy. The following factors contribute to the high cost of brass: The market prices of copper and zinc fluctuate making the cost of brass unpredictable. The manufacturing process for making brass is complex and requires specialized equipment. Brass is a more valuable and sought-after metal than other alloys making it more expensive.Brass is a highly durable and versatile alloy making it an attractive option for many industries. Its high cost is worth the investment for many due to its durability and the ability to be machined into intricate shapes and designs.

How Much Can You get selling brass at the junkyard?

Brass is sold by the pound as of Friday the 5th the price of Brass was $2 for Red brass and $2.15 for yellow brass.

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a brass capt. is in charge of the brass section of a band.

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Brass is not magnetic, brass is a yellow color

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