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Your Winchester Model 12 serial # 514339 was manufactured in 1928. Serial #'s 508890 thru 556046 were made that year. Your Winchester Model 12 serial # 514339 was manufactured in 1928. Serial #'s 508890 thru 556046 were made that year.

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When was your Winchester model o6 serial number 786735 made?

Model 06 serial number 786735 was assembled as a parts clean rifle sometime in the latter 1930s.

When was your Winchester model 77-22 cal made serial?

The winchester model 77 was made during the years 1955-1963.The serial numbers started at 1001,and ended at 217,180.Winchester did not keep records of the model 77 production.with the parts clean up this produced about 900 more rifles,so the serial numbers could be as high as 218,000.

What is the age and cal of a Winchester model 77 serial number 35837?

The Winchester model 77 was made from 1955 thru 1963.The serial number range started at number 1,001 and went as high as 217.180,with parts clean up resulting in another 900 made.seeing that your serial number is 35,837 I can only assume that your rifle was made in either 1958-1959,as Winchester did not keep records of the serial numbers assigned per year.The Winchester model 77 was only chambered in the caliber .22LR.

What is age of your model 77 Winchester with serial number 67827?

Winchester did not keep the records of the serial numbers by year of production for this rifle.I can say that Winchester started making the Model 77 rifle in 1955,and ceased production in the year 1963.The serial numbers began at 1001,and finished up at 217,180.The parts clean up resulted in 900 more firearms made.If I had to guess as to when yours was made,I would speculate that the year was 1958.

What is the vintage of a Winchester model 24 16 gauge serial number 53xxx?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 24 shotgun was produced in the year 1947.There were 13,690 made that year,which was the highest number in the production span of the model 24.They were made from 1939-1956.Parts clean up was in 1957 with a total production of 117,000 made from 1939-1957.

How much is a Winchester rifle marked kings improvement patented March 29 1866 October 16 1860 serial number 15939 in cal 45-60 worth and when was it made?

It sounds like you have a Second model Winchester 1876 which was manufactured in 1881. The King's Improvement referred to the solid magazine tube. The value will depend on condition. The book I have lists: V.G. Good Fair Poor $3500 2500 1000 500 You will want to have it appraised by an advanced collector. Don't clean it before you show it.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 67-22?

Winchester did not serial number the model 67 rifles.This was not a law until the passage of the gun control act of 1968.The model 67 was made from 1934-1963.the production figures show that Winchester made 383,587 model 67 rifles during this time span,with a additional 2,100 made from the parts clean-up after production stopped.

How do you clean a Winchester rifle model 270?

Best to ask a gunsmith for help.

How rare is a Winchester model 06 22 pump?

The Model 1906/06 was introduced in 1906, discontinued in 1932, and with a total production of 625,000+ manufactured. From 1932 - 1942, an estimated additional 60,000 were assembled from remaining parts on hand (parts clean-up). In simple terms, it is one of the least rare Winchester .22 caliber models. Bert H.

How old is a Winchester moldle 67-22?

The Winchester model 67 was made from 1934-1963.There were 383,587 made before the parts clean up began,with another 2,100 made from the final parts clean up.

What is the age and value of a Winchester 22 mod 06 serial number 745833?

Winchester Model 06 serial number 745833 was assembled as a parts clean-up rifle sometime between 1932 - 1941. The collector value can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition and factory originality are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth. Bert H.

What is a model 94 32ws serial 1523xxx worth?

Your Winchester model 1894 which was made in 1949,is valued at between 375-550 dollars,depending on the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and metal parts,along with a good clean bore.

Winchester model 25 barrel removal?

I need to clean the barrel, not like a model 12.

How do you clean an 1894 Winchester rifle?


What year Manufactured and what is the size of your VW engine code WA5878628 you believe it is a 1600cc 1969 engine?

I am unable to find a "WA" engine serial number listed. Please clean off number and look closer, might be a "WO" with 6 digits following it.

What is the value of a Winchester model1895 3040 Krag?


What is the value of a Winchester model 42 410 pump shotgun with serial number 60991?

Depends on condition, and on the exact version of the Model 42- Could be $500 or $1500. These are scarce, and tend to be pricy. You will need a hands on appraisal for an accurate answer. PLEASE do not "clean up" your shotgun with anything but light oil and cloth.

How do you go about cleaning the pewter plated received on your Winchester?

If you clean it you will diminish value. If you don't care about that, a local jeweler can give you help.

What years were the Winchester model 1873 made?

The Winchester Model 1873 was in production from the year 1874 through 1920 (with a few hundred additional parts clean-up rifles made up to the year 1925). Bert H.

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