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Swiffer Wet Jets are safe for laminate flooring. To clean a hardwood laminate floor without damaging it, you should use a mop and hot water. Wring the mop out so it is not dripping wet.


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Yes, the Swiffer Wetjet is effective at cleaning hardwood floors, whether real hardwood, or manufactured wood flooring. Proctor & Gamble, the manufacturer of the Swiffer Wetjet, sells a liquid hardwood floor cleaner that works well to remove surface dirt from the wood floors. The Wetjet works best on floors that have been sealed first, rather than bare wood.

The Swiffer is great for picking up most loose dirt on flat surfaces, like hardwood floors. The Swiffer partly relies on static electricity to do it's job, and some dirt particles are not attracted to it. So your Swiffer may be great for day to day cleaning, but every once in awhile it's good to also use a vacuum.

Mist it in the air and let it fall as a mist onto the Laminate, then use a swiffer style pad on it and you will have pretty good results. DO NOT POUR it on! MIST from a sprayer and let it fall

I find the Swiffer Wet Jet is the best cleaning product for hardwood floors. It is easy to use and has a great cleaning solution that is safe for hardwood floors.

You shouldn't use wet products on laminate floors. A dry mop such as a swiffer duster will do the trick. There are products on the market that are excellent for cleaning laminated floors. They contain a cleaner that leaves the floors clean and like new.

No they can not. The steam would melt the realistic-looking wood, its probably best to stick to using a swiffer wet mop.

One great way to clean a hardwood floor is sweeping it and vacuuming it every day. Then, every week or so, you should use one of the sweeper mops with the spray like the swiffer jet.

Window cleaner is a good alternative to the high priced stuff the makers sell. Just spray it in the air & let it fall on the surface & then swiffer or rub it off with a soft slightly damp towell. DO NOT pour anything wet of your laminate and DO NOT use a steamer.

Day to day cleaning: Swiffer style sweeper. Spot cleaning: windex, alcohol or plain nail polish remover. Never wax. Use no oils.

If a wood floor has been properly varnished, it will be waterproof, and you can wash it as you would any other floor. If it is just a matter of removing dust, you could use a Swiffer.

Three options come to mindGet rid if the dogmake the kids that promised to look after the dog do itswiffer or something dry like it, DO NOT USE WATER BASED PRODUCTS ON HARDWOOD

laminate is very durable and easy to clean, but its cheap looking and tacky. good if you have kids, bad if you have taste. Laminate flooring can be loud when you walk on it depending on the subfloor and installation method. Otherwise, it can look really nice. I like it because it is easy to clean. Swiffer it and you're done.

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Yes there are coupons available for Swiffer Sweepers. They can be found online on certain websites or in the newspaper.

Swiffer has a coupon book that usually has a coupon for Swiffer refills that you can find at their website. You can also call Swiffer and request coupons for the product you want and they will send you coupons.

I love Swiffer too. Swiffer offers coupon offers and discounts on their website. You can find them at

Coupon sites offer Swiffer coupons for up to five dollars on particular Swiffer products such as the Swiffer Wet jet. Coupons for $2.00 are avaialble for the basic duster from coupon sites.

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Her name is Gillian Vigman, Swiffer Commercial .

Up to $1 on any Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit

Yes, there are Swiffer sweeper coupons on the internet. You only need a computer with an internet connection and a printer. .

I am thinking of purchasing a Swiffer Wet Jet. Do they do a good job cleaning floors? will have coupons you can print. If you do not have a printer and you have a smart phone, a coupon application will have them which most stores will allow you to show them the coupon on your phone.

None. You should not use a steam-cleaner on hardwood floors. Water, and especially steam, can damage wood by swelling it at the seams, and then causing it to crack and split later. Use only cleaners approved for hardwood floors, or a window cleaner containing alcohol, or a vinegar/water solution. Mist it onto the floor or onto the head of a damp (not wet!) sponge mop or swiffer-type mop, then wipe clean.

NO. keep water & moisture away from your floor. Your laminate doesn't need water. There are a lot of new & old Laminate floors out there and many differing claims as to how water resistant they are over time. Either way, the surface of laminate is nothing more nor less that your mothers Formica counter-top, on a fiberboard substrate. A Swiffer is the best thing going for laminate because there is almost no water to make your life complicated. Our other home remedy has been a bottle of Windex sprayed at shoulder level and let it settle sparsly on the floor, then dry mop it up. There is no need nor reason to ever put flowing water or use any mop with enough water to drip on a laminate floor. Its plastic & wipes clean with a moist cloth.

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