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How To Clean a Natural Sponse for Use

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Q: How do you clean a natural sponge to make it usuable?
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How do you clean your computer to make it faster?

use a sponge and soap

How do you make a tampon out of paper towels?

You don't. Paper towels are not absorbent enough and would fall apart within the vagina, you can however make your own tampons out of clean cloth or natural sponge.

What can you do to make steel shiny?

The simplest way to clean the steel is to spray WD-40. Other ways to make it shiny is clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

How can you make a blue sponge cake?

Your trying to make it natural?The no berrys just make it purple you could try food colouring but i dunno

How to clean the chocolate fountain?

Make sure there is no more chocolate left in it. If you can, wash it in the sink. If it is too big, the take a sponge with hot soapy water and clean it.

What can you use instead of a makeup brush?

you can use sponge applicators or even your fingers (make sure they're clean)

How does the loss of two electrons make magnesium more stable?

why water and a sponge would not clean up a grease spill

How do you make SpongeBob in little alchemy?

How do you even make sponge

How do you make a natural deodorant?

natural deodorant is simply being hygienic, clean and being conscious of health and personality....

How do microorganisms make nitrogen in the atmosphere usuable to plants?

By fixing free nitrogen from the atmosphere through endogenous or exogenous methods.

How do you build an indoor parakeet habitat?

take a lot of natural tree branches and leaves to make it look as natural as possible and keep it clean.

How do you clean non slip bath tub surface?

Use a non-slip treatment found from SlipDoctors and then make sure you use a rough sponge with any soap to properly clean.

What is a sponge made up of?

In the old days people used to pick sponge from the real sea. So sponge is a living thing , but in our days people make sponge differently

How could I make a natural upholstery cleaning solution?

My toddler spilled his juice on my love seat. I want to clean it myself. What are some natural upholstery cleaning solutions I could make myself?

How do you make lemon sponge cake?

Add finely grated lemon rind to the sponge mixture

What is genoese sponge?

A genoese sponge is a cake sponge made with no fat. Instead more eggs are used to make the cake, leaving a light and airy consistency.

How does sponges soak up water?

the way the sponge soaks up water is that the holes in the sponge has absorbant particles to make the water soak up in the sponge.

Does watching Sponge Bob make you dumb?


How do you clean tomato sauce stains on a suede couch?

You can clean tomato sauce stains on a suede couch by wiping up the excess sauce with a clean cloth to begin with. Make a solution of lukewarm water and a mild soap, swish to create suds and then apply the foam only to the stain using a sponge. Wipe the residue away with a clean, damp cloth.

How can you use gum Arabic in baking a sponge cake?

add 2 tea spoons of gum Arabic powder to make a small sponge cake (6 eggs). Add the powder to the dry ingredients. It will help the cake to rise and will add natural soluble fibre to your cake.

How do you clean oven toaster?

Before you clean your toaster oven, make sure it is unplugged. Use a sponge or non-abrasive pad and warm soapy water to clean your toaster oven. Remove the tray and wash, rinse, and dry. Steel wool pads will scratch the finish, so use a soft cloth with soapy water or degreaser to clean greasy spots.

How do you make a sponge?

anu man daa yan?!!!!!!!!!

How can you make a pancreas out of household items?

you can use a sponge

What does sponge bob make at work?

crabby patties

How do you get sponge Bob to do air Bob?

make him explode