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You could try and put it in the freezer or the fridge until the wax peels off of the holder.

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What is the best way to clean brass holders for candle tapers?

The best way to clean brass holders for candle tapers is to clean them with a mixture that contains natural acid, like vinegar, ketchup, lemon juice, or lime juice.

Why does brass burn?

The zinc in it. I just burned my thumb trying to make a candle holder out of brass. Nearly set off my fire alarm.

Why choose a crystal candle holder instead of a plastic one?

People should choose a crystal candle holder instead of a plastic one because when they candle burns and the wax drips the plastic holder could melt and stick to the candle, making it hard to use and clean. The crystal one also looks nicer and doesn't have that problem.

What does it mean when a candle holder falls off the wall?

a candle holder that falls off a wall

What is a Advent candle holder?

A normal candle holder, its just decorated in a christmasy way!

What is the Jewish candle holder called?

The candle holder used during Hanukkah is called the Chanukiah (Cha-noo-kee-ya) or Hanukkah-menorah.

How do you get candle wax out of the candle stick holder?

You can use a hair dryer and as the wax melts either wipe it up with a towel or just let it run out of the candle holder into the waste bin. FREEZE the candle holder, it will pop right out!

What is used to light a candle in church?

A taper. This is a wax stick with a wick like a very thin candle. You light that with a match (although in my day, altar servers all had cigarette lighters). For tall candles, the taper may be in a taper holder which is a brass tube on the end of a pole. Very often the taper holder is combined with a snuffer for putting out the candle later.

What is the name of the nine-candle holder for Christmas?

The nine-candle holder at Christmas is called a Menorah. It is used for Hanukkah. The ninth holder is called a Shamash.

Does a candle holder effect burn rate?

yes the candle holder effects the candle burning, because it will hold the candle back from melting faster. i perfer not using one...and it'll be a variable

Where can brass candle holders be purchased?

If someone is looking to purchase used or antique brass candle holders, eBay carries a large selection. The Brass Gallery carries newly made candle holders in many styles.

Where are the number one place people put candle?

candle holder

What is a candelabra?

It's a candle-holder.

Difference between nine candle and seven candle menorahs?

Nine-candle menorahs are one candle holder for each of the eight days of Hanukkah plus a shamash; whereas seven-candle holders are one holder for each day of creation.

What is the Jewish 9 candle holder called that has candle at the beginning?

A Chanukah menorah.

What is the name of the special candle-holder used during Hanukkah?

The candle holder used during Hanukkah is called a menorah or a hanukkiah.

What is the candle holder called in Diwali?


Can you use stoneware as a candle holder?


Young Frankenstein where did he say to put the candle?

He (and Inga) said 'Put the candle back', meaning back in the candle holder.

How do you clean wax off a brass candlestick?

You can normally just pick the wax off of the candle stick but if it is stuck in a place you can'y get it you can boil theCandlestick in water.

How much does a Christmas candle holder cost?

A Christmas candle holder can cost anywhere from a couple of bucks to hundreds of dollars. You can make your own for a few dollars or buy expensive and intricate candle holders online.

What is the name of the seven-candle holder for Hanukkah?

Trick question. The 7-branched candle holder is called a Menorah and was lit in the Jewish Temple (Exodus ch.25). The 9-branched candle holder is called a Hanukkah-menorah or Chanukiah, and it is only used on Hanukkah.

Copyright on candle holders?

Unless you intend to register the candle holder as a sculpture or other work of art, a new and unique type of candle holder would probably be better served with a patent. However, patent applications are fairly elaborate, and you will need to prove that your candle holder is indeed completely different from any that came before it.

How do you get your candle out of the holder if the candle is really small?

Put it in the Freezer for about 1/2hour falls right out

What is the name of a Kwanzaa candle holder?

its called Kinara