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How do you clean brass colored fixtures?

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Use a metal polish like Wenol or Duraglit.

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Most hardware stores and even department stores sell brass cleaner. Simple to use and much easier than elbow grease.

Aqua Brass bathroom fixtures can be purchased from many websites. Among them are Faucet Direct, Aqua Brass, Yahoo Shopping, Home Depot, Lowe's, and Amazon.

Yes. Plumbing fixtures are the most common.

Assuming you mean, are the words "clean those brass" adjectives, the answer is no, maybe, and yes Clean is a verb. Those is a demonstrative pronoun. (Some people might call this a form of adjective, as it is a modifier.) Brass is an adjective: a brass trumpet, a brass bookend. Note that brass is also a noun in some uses: the brass on that uniform is shiny, the brass in this orchestra is very good

Degraded brass. The patina, as with copper, is caused by oxidation of the metal.

It's bimetallic. The center is brass (gold colored) and the outer ring is nickel (silver colored).

Assuming you mean brass colored, it's because of the color of the metal they are made with. However, it should be noted, not all trumpets are brass colored. Some are silver and some are gold.

You can clean a brass telescope. Over a duration of time, brass starts to oxidize. To remove this, can use vinegar and salt. You can also use a concoction of chemicals that is premade, usually by a company that specializes in brass.

There is an effective way to clean brass door knobs. The first thing they need is to determine if the knob is brass plated or solid. If it is plated, use caution in the cleaner that they use.

One can safely clean a brass table lamp by dampening a soft cloth in hot vinegar. After that, one should dip the cloth in table salt and rub the brass.

No, BUT the finish do not last as ling as chrome and they look like crap after a few years

any of the above. Brass usually for decorative fixtures, steel or plated screws for utility, usually round head countersunk & Phillips

If the fixtures are antique and made of brass you may be able to have them rechromed. This would require you to remove the fixtures and find an industrial rechormer. People that restore old automobiles sometimes do this to chromed auto parts. Quite expensive. Most economical this to do is replace them.

To clean your brass plate, you get some brass or silver polish and start cleaning. If it is something you just look at, you can put varnish over it after you make it nice and shiny. Ketchup. Best brass or silver cleaner on the market. paint it on with a small brush and allow to sit about 10 minutes and wash it off with clear clean warm water

Brass will tarnish more than nickel does. In order to prevent this, make sure you polish and clean your brass belongings.

Brass will oxidize and turn greenish. Moen and Delta have PVD brass finishes which are more resistant to corrosion.

Use a metal polish like Wenol or Duraglit.

There are many different natural products you use in your home that will clean brass really well. These include ketchup, soap, vinegar, water, and lemon juice.

Black wire to the brass colored terminal, white wire to silver colored terminal and bare wire to green screw.

Black wire goes to brass colored terminal, white wire goes to silver colored terminal and bare wire goes to green colored screw.

Dont, its often more valuable if its 'Dirty'

Brasso and elbow grease.

No idea. I wouldn't try it.

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