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There is an acid solution that you use as a wash. You can find it at most hardware and/or paint stores

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Q: How do you clean fireplace bricks?
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Will a fireplace service be able to repair loose bricks?

My fireplace has some bricks that are loose and needs to be cleaned. Would a fireplace service be able to do these types of minor repairs?

How do you clean-soot-from-a-fireplace?

Get a chimney sweep!

Can you use an old chimney for a gas log fireplace?

Well...It Depends Is It Wood Or Bricks?If Its Bricks Do Not AnD If Its Wood Yes

Can you paint bricks on your fireplace?

Yes you sure can but you must use a fireplace/ stove paint stovebright is a good reliable brand

Can you clean brick with vinegar?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean bricks. Vinegar is commonly used to gently clean bricks and restore them to original condition.

Can you paint fireplace bricks?

Yes. You need to use a paint that can tolerate high temperatures.

What do you use inside the fireplace to secure loose bricks?

I'll tell you I don't know!

How do you clean Tosca stone?

Can anyone tell me how to clean indoor Tosca Stone - fireplace and archways? Thank you Can anyone tell me how to clean indoor Tosca Stone - fireplace and archways? Thank you

Clean limestone fireplace?

The best way to clean a limestone fireplace is by using a pH neutral stone cleaner. This cleaner is used with warm water and a sponge.

What is the hole in the middle of the fireplace?

It is the ash dump. It allows you to clean the ashes out of the fireplace without having to put them in a bucket and carry them outside. Much more clean.

What can I use to keep my fireplace clean?

You can use a fireplace cleaning kit to remove some soot from the base of your chimney.

What are electric fireplace inserts are used for?

Electric fireplace inserts are perfect for the individual wanting the warmth and feel of a real fireplace, without the hassel. They replace your current gas or wood fireplace with safe, clean electric inserts.

What is the purpose of the grates that are on the average fireplace?

With the average fireplace design it is not needed to have those grates installed. They are only there to keep your fireplace clean during non use. So without them the fireplace will be usable but will have to be cleaned more often.

What is the best way to keep a glass fireplace screen clean?

One should be very careful when trying to keep a glass fireplace screen clean. Purchasing a glass fireplace screen protector is another option for those too busy to meticulously upkeep the screen.

Can you use muriatic acid to clean a stone fireplace?

I don't see why not

How do I replace a broken brick in my outdoor fire pit?

First, clean the fireplace and inspect the firebox closely. Then remove any damaged or loose bricks with a screwdriver by lightly scraping between the joints in the bricks. Apply refractory mortar to the edges and slide the new mortared brick into their position, wiping the excess mortar around the area away using a trowel.

How often should you clean the fireplace flu?

It is recommended that a wood- burning fireplace be cleaned after one cord(stick,branch, ect.)of wood has been burned since the last time the fireplace was cleaned.

How can one remove a bird's nest from and otherwise clean their fireplace?

How do I go about doing my own fireplace service? I think I have a bird's nest stuck in mine.

How do you clean soot from fireplace glass door?

use a wet cloth and dip it in the ash that's in the fireplace, then wipe the glass with it...comes off VERY EASY!

How are the bricks beneath a fireplace heated by the flames?

At first, they may be heated by radiation- heat radiated by the fire. As the fire burns, and ashes build up, they will be heated by conduction- heat conducted (poorly) through the ash to the bricks.

How to Clean Your Fireplace?

Having a fireplace can provide warmth and atmosphere during the winter and an excellent focal point during the summer. But fireplaces, like everything else in life, require maintenance. It is important for your health that you clean the fireplace properly before lighting a fire. Here’s how. -Step 1: Gloves and plastic You will need to cover the area around the fireplace with a plastic sheet to avoid getting soot on your carpet and furnishing. -Step 2: Make sure the coals are cold Ensure the fire is out, that there are no hot coals; you don’t want to burn yourself while cleaning. -Step 3: Remove fireplace grates Take out the grates and put them on newspaper outside. -Step 4: Clean up the ash Using your fireplace shovel or dustpan, scoop up all the ash. Use a brush to get as much as possible. -Step 5: Clean off the soot Place newspapers in the fireplace, and about 3 inches up the walls to catch all the soot. Use a wire brush and a scraper to remove the soot from the walls; it should all fall in the newspapers so you can throw it away. -Step 6: Wash the walls Use a small amount of bleach in some warm water in a bucket. Place it in the fireplace, and using your wire bush, scrub the walls. You may not get the wall completely clean, but scrub until it is a clean as possible. Remove the newspaper and do the same to the floor. -Step 7: Rinse Rinse the walls with a cloth and warm, clean water -Step 8: Clean the grates Using the bleach solution, clean the grates and allow to dry -Step 8: Put the grates back in the fireplace Place the grates back in the fireplace and clean up all the newspapers and plastic Your fireplace will look and work better now they are clean, and even if you only clean properly ever couple of months, it will keep your fireplace clean and safe for many years.

Build a fireplace with lime mortar?

Probably a good idea - the lime mortar will allow the bricks/stones to move as the area expands with heat.

How do you clean fireplace screens to prolong the life?

You can try and find some metal cleaner to clean it. You can also take it outside and use a pressure washer to clean it off with.

How do you remove moss that is growing between paver bricks without harming the bricks?

A good way is to pressure wash the bricks. This will remove the moss and clean the bricks at the same time. It's good that you pressure wash your fences and outdoor walls regularly.

Is it necessary to inspect the firebrick on a fireplace?

Yes, but surely you see it every time you clean out the fire?