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My service engine light came on and off several times, so I took my 1998 olds regency to the shop this morning to have it checked and inspected. I was told that two of the fuel injectors needed cleaning or replaced, but the cleaning had to be done by machine and not by using additives in the fuel tank. The cleaning will cost me $189. They will not guarantee that this will cure my problem but if it don't then I am looking at replacing those injectors for a price of over $500. I guess I'll see what happens....just wanted to share this with another olds owner. If the cleaning or replacement is really as costly as is indicated here, I think I'd look for a new mechanic. I had two injectors replaced in my '96 recently. They cost $76 each at Auto Zone and my mechanic replaced them (one at a time, a week's time apart) for a case of beer each time. It's really a job you can do yourself, but I think you'll need some Torx sockets to remove the metal rail that holds the injectors in place. You also need to take a good look at how the accelerator cable (and cruise control cable if you have cruise) connects. My mechanic put some Vasaline type of lube on the injectors before she seated them. Sounds like you could use a Haynes or Chilton manual. FriPilot

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Q: How do you clean fuel injectors on a 97 sunfire without using additives in the fuel tank?
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How to Clean fuel injectors on 1985 ford f150?

SEAFOAM! I've tried lots of additives to clean injectors on my own 1985 F-150, 302fi. I empty 1 can of it about every 6 months into a full tank of gas. I've never had any issues with reliability or smooth performance from my truck.

How do you clean fuel injectors on a 1995 prism?

Clean fuel injectors are important in keeping an engine running smoothly. To clean the fuel injectors a person can take them out, clean them off, and by adding a cleaning agent to the gas tank to clean them from the inside out.

What is average cost to clean fuel injectors?

The average cost to clean fuel injectors is about $150. Fuel injectors are used to deliver fuel into an internal combustible engine.

How do you clean Yamaha four stroke outboard injectors?

You clean a four stroke injectors with Lucas injector cleaner at any auto parts store.

How do you clean fuel injectors on a 1997 s10?

To clean fuel injectors on a 1997 S10, first disconnect fuel pump from fuel injectors. Disconnect pressure regulator and connect the cleaning kit to the fuel port.

Are there additives to enhance my car's performance?

You can always try fuel additives to clean out the gunk in your car's engine.

How do you clean the fuel injectors on a 2001 buick century?

Clean fuel injectors help to keep a car running well. A person can clean the fuel injectors on a 2001 Buick Century by adding fuel injector cleaner to their gas tank when its empty and about to be filled with gas.

Can i clean injectors by adding AFT in the fuel?


Do fuel additives work?

Yes, the fuel additives work by helping clean out the deposits left by carbon and ethanol.

What definition Detergents additives?

It is the ingredients to clean clothes

Will gas clean injectors in a diesel?

Gasoline will not dissolve the carbon deposits that clog the injectors but it will cause your engine to not start.

What is wrong with a 1997 Ford F-150 4.6 that has intermittent starting problems and will not idle?

It's probably time to get a new vehicle. sounds like poor fuel at the engine and that the injectors are dirty. Use engine tuneup additives in the gas to clean out the injectors and internal chambers. You should experience increasing performance as you drive about one tank of gas.

Why does my Volkswagen polo not inject fuel even though the pressure is okay to injector?

your injectors are blocked replace or clean id clean because it cost's £167 each for the injectors new

How do you clean fuel injectors 2002 ford explorer?

easiest way to clean injectors is to purchase a good (not cheap) injector cleaner, and add to you fuel tank. from experience, i double dose the amount first time round, then add correct amount to fuel about once a month. this will keep injectors clean and will not damage engine

What can carburetor cleaner do to a fuel injected engine?

Clean the injectors

Can you clean injectors in a 300 six ford motor?

Any car with spark plugs will have cleanable fuel injectors, so yes.

What is the best way to clean fuel injectors on 1989 F150 5.0 V8?

Dirty fuel injectors can lead to poor vehicle performance. The best way to clean the fuel injectors on this car would be to use fuel injector cleaning products, that are placed in the gas tank.

Why do the fuel injectors on Ford E-150 van not function?

Your injectors are probably clogged. Replace your filter, and make sure your lines are clean.

What is the best way to clean fuel injectors?

Replace them with new ones.

How to treat 2 year old gasoline?

how to clean fuel injectors

Toyota Celica 1990 idling too high what do you do?

clean your injectors.

How do you clean the injectors on your Mercedes 190e?

Just take new ones:)

How do you get better fuel mileage without buying anythang?

check tire pressure is correct, get clean air filter, make sure carb is clean & not filled with tarnish(they have cleaners in a can you can spray into old carbs that clean it without harm, read directions), or have fuel injectors checked/replace if bad, change oil every 3,000 miles.

Can you clean the fuel injectors with a fuel treatment?

As long as your fuel treatment contains a detergent. Xtreme Fuel Treatment contains a detergent and a demulisifier and polymerization dispersants to clean injectors, separate water and break up sludge.

How do you clean fuel injectors on a 1994 infinity q45?

thank you very much