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There are a variety of ways to clean ceramic of anything sticky. There are plastic blades, that you can use along with 409 or oven cleaner. Window cleaner works as well for lighter stuff. It takes time and patience. Keep the stain wet at all times while you are working on it. In addition there are scouring powers made for ceramic.

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Q: How do you clean melted rubber off of a ceramic top stove?
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How do you clean boiled over milk off a ceramic stovetop?

Mr. Clean Multi Surface Spray can be used on ceramic glass stove tops. Go to Kitchen-cleaning as the source of this information and much more.

Can stove top grill and griddle pans be used on a ceramic stove top?


What cookware works best on ceramic top stove?


How do you remove bunred on sugar from glass sotove top?

Burned on foods on a ceramic stove top, even sugar, are the easiest spills to clean up. You need a scraper with a razor blade. They cost about a dollar at Lowes or Home Depot. Just slide the blade under the spill and it will come right up. You don't have to worry about scratching the ceramic, it's very hard. Then you just wipe up the crumbs with a damp rag and clean the stove top with any ceramic stove top cleaner. If you like you can finish up by polishing with a dry microfiber cloth.

How is chocolate melted?

just put it over the stove to heat it and boom there you go melted chocolate.

What kind of glass should be used in a wood burning stove?

Ceramic or neo-ceramic. It is designed to radiate heat.

Can you convert an electric stove top to a ceramic stove top?

If you mean converting an electric stove with coil burners to a smooth, glass cooktop, the answer is no.

What can you make with only chocolate chips and a stove?

Melted Chocolate.

Can you put ceramic on the stove top?

From my experience, no. I tryed it once, and the bowl shattered...

How do you clean a stove top?

with mr.clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the difference between glass stove tops and ceramic?

Cost primarily. Second ceramic will have a more even heating across the surface than the glass top.

How do you clean melted fabric off enamel plate of steam press?

I would say to heat it up a bit and use a razor blade scraper very GENTLY to scrap it off then clean it with something like cleaner for a smooth top stove.

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