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Drain/Backwash the pool, clean the inside, and add fresh water.

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Why is water easy to clean up?

water is easy to clean because it does not stick or stain.

How do you take care of a baby turttle?

you put it in water, feed, clean it, clean the tank or what the water is in. clean the water its easy.

Are wood window blinds easy to clean?

Yes, but they are also easy to damage, never clean with water as it will ruin them.

How did the ancient Greeks keep themselves clean?

easy... water. And they established public baths supplied with clean water.

Are ice machines easy to clean?

Yes ice machines are easy to clean, unless you have hard water which contains minerals that are removed from water during the freezing cyle which can cause a buildup.

Are gel kitchen mat's easy to clean?

Yes, gel kitchen mats are easy to clean with a sponge, soap, and water. You can let these air dry and then you can use them again and clean them again easily!

Why is cotton easy to clean?

Cotton is easy to clean because the cotton can be washed at any temperature safely. Cotton does not get damaged in hot water like other fabrics can.

What are some easy ways to clean a horse without water?


Is it easy to clean the Sharp R216LS 0.8 CuFt Countertop Microwave Oven?

Yes it is not hard to clean with soap and water.

How do you get rid of green water fast and easy?

pour it down the sink

Easy way to get rid of spots?

try to keep ur skin clean . use facewash twice and use a suitable antimark cream with proper diet of green vegetables and a lot of water

Is this water-resistant?

Yes this bench is water resistant, this makes it very easy to clean after a hard workout.

Why is there dirty water in Zimbabwe?

There is dirty water all over Africa. It's not easy to keep rivers clean,or to filter water.

How easy are Sony headphones to clean?

Sony headphones are very easy to clean because the material easy cleans.

What is better as a pet green basilisk or Chinese water Dragon?

water dragon are more frindy and easy to tame

Are all rivers blue?

no, the apparent blue color is actually the reflection of the sky in the water, if the water is clean the color of the sky will be reflected, blue or gray on a gray cloudy day, dark on a moonless night, silver reflecting the moonlight at night. Silt, alge, mud or other material in the water can also affect the color. Green Bay and the river flowing into in Wisconsin are in fact green from the green alge at certain times of the year. Its easy to see a color difference where two rivers meet and one is clean and one is slit laden.

What is a easy to clean microwave oven?

The Sharp R1870 is very easy too keep clean.

What is the easiest way to clean an oven?

An easy way to clean an oven would be to purchase an oven cleaner such as "Easy Off" and follow the directions on the can. Alternatively one may use a mixture of baking soda and hot water.

Are all the peices of the The Summer Grace Collection for kids washable at home?

Yes you can clean them easy with soap and water.

How is clean drinking water gotten?

There are different ways to get clean water, -The old fashioned way is to boil it (this does not distill it, but does steralize it) -You could always get a distiller that is easy to install on a tap -Try Brita water filters, they work pretty well as well.

Is this coffee grinder easy to clean?

Yes, this coffee grinder is very easy to clean with the removable burr feature.

Is it easy to clean the inside of the Countertop Microwave oven?

Yes the inside of this microwave should be very easy to clean.

How easy is this to clean?

The Whirlpool GJC3654RS Electric Cooktop is extremely easy to clean due to it's ceramic glass surface.

Is the Primo Outdoor Kitchen Kamado Round Grill easy to clean?

Yes the ceramic makes it very easy to clean.

What is the best outdoor furniture for use around a backyard swimming pool?

Plastic furniture, easy to clean and no water damage.