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I have used a good pressure washer [not the cheap low pressure type] to literally "blast" fresh concrete, stucco, drywall "mud" [very easy' and a variety of materials on concrete slabs. driveways, and sidewalks. IF you get to it quick, it is easier than if you allow the unwanted material to fully, set/dry/cure for hours or days. If the water pressure is high enough, and the wand is held at the proper angle then, usually, this will work. I have even managed to remove dried exterior paints. Normally, no detergent or cleaners [via the pressure washer] make no difference, so to use them is a waste of material and money. If the pressure washer is unsuccessful, I have then used an air [pneumatic] tool called a "needle scaler] which will do the job, but care must me exercised to prevent damaging [chipping away] the concrete surface from which you want the stucco removed.

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Q: How do you clean off colored stucco that was accidentally splashed on concrete while stuccoing a wall of a house other than using muriatic acid?
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Concrete is very hard. To do any good in etching it you need something very strong. Muriatic Acid is the only thing that I have found that works. How strong you mix it depends on the concrete. Some concrete that was poured with a lot of water in the mix will need less Acid. Concrete that is smooth and hard will take more. Muriatic Acid is caustic. Read the direction. Use rubber gloves; safety glasses; and a respirator. For a large project, such as a driveway or Patio. Use a plastic garbage can. Fill with 10 gallons of water. Carefully pour one gallon of Muriatic Acid into the water and mix with a wooden paddle. Take a plastic watering can and fill it with the solution. Wet your concrete with a water hose, then carefully pour the Acid solution onto the concrete. It will bubble and foam. This is the acid etching the concrete. Let it set for about 15 min. Scrub with a stiff push broom, and then rinse with a water hose. The acid will kill plants and grass. Steve Schillinger = Safety Note = Make sure you put the water in the garbage can first--adding water to acid is a sure way to get splashed with concentrated acid.

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