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You bring it to a professional for maintenance. Especially if you are a professional, why would you want to take the chance of ruining the camera or the lens?

depending on what is meant by "inside lens." If you are talking about an interior element it definitely goes to the maker or other pro. if you mean the rear element of the lens then a blower and a lens cloth can serve

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How do you clean a digital SLR camera sensor?

Very carefully, it is extremely sensitive; or give it to a reputable professional repair outfit.Ususally they shake any dust off the sensor, sometimes with ultra sonic waves of acoustic energy.

Can water damaged camera digital memory cards?

Normally it should not (unless it is hot or salty). Just ensure to make it clean and dry before plugging in.

What is the best way to clean a camera?

It is sometimes necessary to clean a camera to remove lens spots and general dirt. The best way to clean a camera is with a soft, lint free cloth. On some occasions, the services of a profession camera cleaner should be used.

What is the best fabric to clean my camera lense?

Lens Wipes Cleaning Towelettes are perfect for keeping your camera lens clean.

Essential Digital Camera Accessories?

Your digital camera needs all the loving care that you could provide. It is fragile, and any rough handling can result to serious damage; there are even instances when the damage is unfortunately irreparable. Keep in mind that you paid a considerable amount of money for your digital camera, so you should also consider investing in high-quality accessories that would not only keep the camera safe, but would also enhance your picture-taking experience. First things first – make sure that your digital camera is protected by a sturdy camera bag, or at the very least a snug-fitting camera case/pouch. If you have a small digital camera, it is important to have a case that fits just right; a too-tight camera case might put unnecessary pressure on the camera’s parts, while too-loose cases/pouches do not offer the right amount of protection. For digital SLR cameras, a camera bag with enough room for all the accessories and lenses would be a sound investment; this helps ensure that you have everything you need when using the camera and that it will be protected from the elements as well. A professional cleaning kit is also one of the accessories that every camera owner should have. Keeping the camera clean and free from any foreign objects would take just a few minutes of your time, and would prolong the life of your precious gadget. It is better to regularly clean the camera rather than having it repaired after some time has passed – just because a lot of dirt has accumulated in its parts. Extra batteries are also must-haves for your digital camera, especially if you are going to a place where you will not have the chance to recharge the batteries. There is nothing more disappointing than having dead batteries, just when you are about to take a picture or a video of a memorable event unfolding. A spare lens cap is also important to protect the lens from getting damaged, and getting unnecessarily exposed to the elements. An additional memory card would be handy if you won’t have the chance to quickly transfer the images to a computer. The digital camera accessories mentioned above are the bare essentials; these are the ones that you need to have to let you operate your camera most efficiently. Being ready beats having to search for these accessories, just when they are needed the most.

How do you clean a virus out of a digital camera?

The virus is probably not in the camera but in the memory card. If your camera came with a USB cable, plug the camera in the computer using the USB cable and go to my computer. Right click on the correct drive and right click. Find Format... and click it. Then click start. Also another way is going to the camera settings and find the format button. (this doesn't always work) Also make sure there is nothing in the camera.

Where does the dust on my camera sensor come from?

I just had this problem with my digital SLR and it's pretty much unavoidable because since we're able to change out the lenses it allows dust to always get in there....they have easy ways to clean it..kits you can buy at your local camera store. This link was very helpful:

What if you spilled Pepsi on your camera what should you do?

clean it and if it still dose not work BUY A NEW CAMERA

Is there any specific cleanser you should use to clean your Sony camera lens?

There is not a specific cleanser that you need to use on your sony camera lens. You can use any that is made to clean camera lens' As long as they say that they are camera lens safe and that is what they were made for then you can use it!

How to clean keirig inside?

To clean the inside of Keurig machine, disassemble it and place the pieces into the dishwasher.

How do you clean the inside headlight lens on a Ford Ranger with the round cap on the inside?

To clean the inside headlight lens on a ford ranger just simply remove the cap and clean.

Is it unhealthy to use a shop vac inside?

No, but they are not made to clean as deeply as inside vaccums so you wont ever get a really clean clean.

Can you clean the glass on inside headlights Audi a6?

Can you clean the glass on inside headlights audi a6?

How do you take care of a camera?

Don't ever drop your camera (I learned this the hard way). Also, clean the lens of the camera when it gets dirty (Not with your fingers).

How do you clean an iPad camera lens?

If there's no difference between an iPad camera lens and a normal camera lens then there are several ways to clean it. I would say the cheapest is to use a soft cloth (preferably a glasses cloth, that is used to clean a pair of glasses). Make sure it's not, for example, paper towel because anything rough will scratch your camera lens instead.

How would I clean debris from the inside of my LCD TV screen?

It is not advisable to attempt cleaning the inside of an LCD TV screen at home. It should be brought to a professional. If you are going to attempt it, the entire back of the TV will need to be removed.

Is it easy to clean the inside of the Countertop Microwave oven?

Yes the inside of this microwave should be very easy to clean.

How do you clean a camera lens safely?

Any camera lens cleaning kit will work fine, or you can use isoproponyl alcohol.

Can you clean dust out of camera lenses?

Yes, just use a hair blower and make sure to get a clean soft cloth for lens to clean it properly.

How do you get a clean picture on a digital camera?

The best way to get a clean picture is to get anything fuzzy that you see in the camera's screen away from the lens .Then wait a couple of seconds and the screen shall be crystal clear!. this worked for me . but it may not work for evryone . sometimes the camera is in the wrong setting, also, when taking a picture, at first the focus is pretty fuzzy however normally if you wait a few seconds with the camera still, it allows it to focus and the picture is pretty perfect :) please if other members hear can further improve this anser then please do.

How do you clean vegetable dyed carpet?

take it to a professional:

How do you clean a satin wedding dress?

you'd better ask the clean shop to do it for you. They are more professional

What can be used to clean up the recovered digital signal?

comparator i think

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