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First try to get off all of the throw up then get a cold wash clothe and rub it down and the get some carpet or rug cleaner and rub that into it to get the stain and smell out off the couch

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โˆ™ 2007-05-12 19:28:14
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Q: How do you clean vomit off a couch?
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How do you you clean vomit off of cement?


How do you clean vomit off clothing?

It's impossible.

How do you clean ink off a teflon treated couch?

you should be able to just wipe it off with a damp clean rag. my son colored on my treated couch with a magic marker,,, came off great

How do you clean a sperm stain off a couch?

A sperm stain can be removed from a couch, with the help of a cloth and soapy water, and then add a little talcum powder non it.

How do you clean red dry erase marker off of couch cushion?

well, you could get some NEW couch covers, use rubbing alchohal, use white board spray, or just get a new couch.

Can you make a sentence with the word vomit?

The smell of the vomit cleared the room. They had to clean it up quickly to avoid vomit stains.

How do you get a urine stain of cloth couch?

well how would you get a urine stain on the couch anyway oh yeah you clean it that's how you get rid of it clean it :):)

How do you get an oil stain off of a leather couch?

maybe try cleaning it or not spill the oil spill clean with lighter fluid

How do you clean semen off suede couch?

Do not ejaculate on the couch in the first place. But in case of accidental emission, try Kiwi suede and nubuk cleaner. Just follow the directions on the can. It really works!

What is the best way to clean vomit?

eat it.

What cleaner can you use to clean urine off of a leather couch?

You can remove urine by using a product called D-molish Now.

Can you clean the inner foam couch cushions with hydrogen peroxide after a cat has urinated on them to clean out the smell?

You would probably be better off replacing the foam. It is not an expensive item. You will also need to clean the outer cloth.

Are boogers weird?

yesMy opinionNot weird GrossDisgustingSlimyGreen-ishVomit inducingDifficult to clean off the car

How do you clean urine from a leather couch?

With more urine

How do you get nail polish off a leather couch?

use acetone free nail polish remover. apply it on the parts that are dirty, than wipe off the extra amounts of remover.use a clean rag to wipe up the area it should do the job without ruining the couch.

How do you clean a chocolate stain off of a leather couch?

I would get this spray bottle called shout and this cleaning bottle gets the stains out of anything

How do you clean up dog vomit?

It is important when cleaning dog vomit to remember that dog's vomit contains foul acidic substances. that is why it is important to use alkalis such as honey and shampoo scrubbed fiercley into the vomit.

How do I clean Sharpie marks off of a leather couch?

Take a look at the book the Queen of Clean, I know something is in that book, I would try some vaseline, or baby oil, or murphys oil soap, or dove soap, don't try to scrape it off you will ruin the leather, if you cannot get it off, my guess would be to get another sharpie marker in a lighter color, then go over it with a marker the color of your leather couch

What is the best solution to removing vomit smell from carpet?

clean it

How should you clean someones vomit?

with your hands just joking

Can vomit infect a nose piercing?

It can if you don't clean the ring.

How do you Clean vomit off walls?

Pressure washer, or simply remove the part of the wall with puke stain and patch it, as vomit will eat into the sheetrock and fester causing an unpleasant odor for you and any possible friends that may or may not show up

How do you get paint off of a leather couch?

you lick it and if it is a white couch you use red wine

How do you get nail polish off of a couch without ruining the couch?

Finger Nail Polish?

What is the concept of sport?

to get off the couch