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How do you clear abs codes on computer for 98 Malibu if it still comes on after you have fixed the problem and tried unplugging the battery without paying someone with an abs scanner?


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Go to Auto Zone. They will check the code and clear it for you free of charge!


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The computer will tell you. If you have a "check engine" light, connect a code scanner to see what the computer has detected. If there is a problem with the oxygen sensor the code scanner will display the appropriate problem code.

I had the same problem, I found i had a blown fuse in the fuse panel. After replacing the fuse, scanner had no problem reading or connecting with the computer on my jeep.

No, it is an input. The data goes in to the computer from the scanner, not out of the computer to the scanner.

A scanner is an input device because you cannot send data from your computer to the scanner, only from the scanner to the computer.

You can disconnect the battery terminal, wait 10 seconds and then re-connect, this will reset the onboard computer and the check engine light will go out. However, this only resets the computer and does not solve the underlying problem with the vehicle. To correct the problem the code will have to read by a scanner and this will give some idea as to the problem with the vehicle.

A scanner is an input device, like a microphone. You cannot send data from your computer to the scanner, only from the scanner to the computer.

Simply pulling the battery cables will not work on this minivan, you must reset the codes with a code scanner. I disconnected the battery cables for 24 hours and still had to borrow a snap-on scanner from a friend to read and reset the codes.

First, you have to find out why it's on, repair the problem, then the computer will often reset itself. If it doesn't, you may need to connect an onboard diagnostic scanner. Just unhook the battery for a few mins... and it will go off if the problem is fixed

You can try disconnecting the battery for 5-10 minutes, if that won't do it you may have to do it with a scanner

You need to go to a shop that has a scanner and they can retrieve the codes and diagnose the problem for you.

Is the scanner of a computer a hard ware or soft ware

it should be done with an obd2 scanner , but if you don't have one you can just disconnect the battery. But don't be surprised if the light comes back on. The light is on because you have a problem in the computer control system.

A scanner copies pictures or text into the computer.

The function of a computer scanner is to copy material. This material may be a worksheet or photo for example.

Plug in a computer diagnostic scanner. The light is on to tell you that you have a problem and the computer has stored a "fault" code.

Pull the positive battery cable off for a few minutes. Or, hook up a scanner and clear the codes. The light will probably come back as there is an emmission problem most likely.

AnswerBringto shop that has an ABS scanner to determine problem and/or resetWow, taking it to a shop would have never crossed my mind! The guy is a freaking Einstein! Put that guy on Jeopardy! Bringto is not a word, genius!Unplugging the battery or having a shop erase the ABS code will only come back on when you start it up again. If you have mechanical abilities, purchase an Actron Brake Scanner CP9449 (mine was $120), check the code and fix it yourself. After a repair, the computer will run a self check and reset the light and code. If the light is still on, you still have a problem. Note: the CP9449 is not capable of resetting codes.

Borrow, rent or buy a diagnostic code scanner. It will tell you what you need to know. The computer turns on the light just to say that it has found a problem but you need to use the code scanner for the computer to tell you what it has found.

There might be a sensor that is shorted or bad. Whenever you unplugged your battery you are resetting the car's computer data that are use for reference to run the car. When the computer is reset it start to relearn all the data from the sensor from the vehicle. The will run but at it minimun performance. When all data are collected, the computer can operate the vehicle in the maximum performance. However, if there is a bad sensor the computer will be instructed to the vehicle to run in a limp mode or safety mode to avoid potential damages to the vehicle. An example would be if the car overheats the computer will shut the vehicle down by killing fuel line and thus prevent fire. My suggestion is to scan the car computer with a scanner and see for any failure codes. Good Luck

Definitely not.Computer viruses cannot be contracted through a computer scanner, not to be confused with an anti-virus scanner. Although a hardware scanner inputs data into the computer from a hard copy, it's impossible for a virus to infect the computer because the text is either made into an image or as plain-text.

a scanner allows you to turn a picture or other still image into something you can view and edit on the computer. Dave

You have to scan it to see what caused it, but usually unplugging the bat does the trick. Problem is it will come back. Use a scanner at Advance Auto Parts it's free.

a scanner can copy anything you want to your computer so you can send it to a friend

You can reset the computer by an obd II scanner or if you dont have the money to buy one just unhook the terminals on the battery for 5 minutes and your computer will be reset hook it back up and your ready to go!

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