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You put a boy and a girl of that Pokemon together in the day care center and soon you will have an egg

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Q: How do you clone a pokemon in firered?
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Can clone Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed to ruby?


Is there a way to clone in Pokemon FireRed?

no, not that i know of

How do you clone items in pokemon firered?

You Can't. only in emerald can you clone stuff.

How do you clone your Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

Breed a ditto and the Pokemon you want cloned.

Can you clone items in pokemon firered if so how?

You can't :/

How to clone Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Cheat but i would advise u not to cheat...

Can You Clone Pokemon In Pokemon Firered?

Can;t clone only option is day care! , and there you can breed to Pokemon to get the same Pokemon or mix it up to get different breeds!

Can you get a lot of master balls on Pokemon Firered?

yes, all you have to do is give it to your Pokemon and clone it.

Clone Pokemon FireRed?

I dont think you can I want to know to!!!!!

How do you catch 100 rare candys on firered?

You can Give it to your Pokemon to hold not use then Clone the Pokemon at your PC

How you can clon Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cannot clone Pokemon in firered/leafgreen. the only gba game you can nlone in is emerald.

How do you clone Pokemon in FireRed without the Day Care or the Emerald Version?

u cant

What would cause an error in a Gameboy Advance after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon FireRed?

maybe clone Pokemon

How do you clone rare candies in Pokemon FireRed without ar?

You cannot. You can do this in other games (emerald, red, blue, yellow) but not in FireRed.

How do copy Pokemon in FireRed?

Sorry you can't copy/clone Pokemon in fire red.. this is a glitch in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

How do you clone Pokemon on FireRed without game shark?

you cant clone Pokemon on fire red, you can only do that on emerald version and you don't need an action replay cheat to do it either

Can you get as many mastersballs in FireRed?

There is a cheat, if you trade a Pokemon of yours holding a masterball to someone with Emerald they can clone that Pokemon and what its holding and then trade back!

How do you catch unlimited eevees in Pokemon FireRed?

Clone Evees in the day-care center, until you have as many as you want.

How do you copy Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

Go to the battle tower, deposit the Pokemon you want to clone, save, withdraw, talk to the lady, turn your game off, and then, TADA!

Can you clone legendaries in FireRed?


How do you get 999 rare candy in pokemon firered?

have emerald clone Pokemon with a rare candy 999 times they catch 999 Pokemon that your already caught use repeat ball that it

How do you copy Pokemon for Pokemon planium and pearl and diamond and firered and leafgreen?

actually, you can only clone in leafgreen and firered. trade the Pokemon you want to be cloned with one that you don't care about. next at the end of the trade, right before it saves, cut it off. (i mean right before). but only cut off the one that you want to clone. tested and works.

How do you clone master balls on pokemon firered?

sorry u can't this glitch is only in emerald and gold silver and crystal.

How do you clone Pokemon in Pearl?

you can't clone your Pokemon but you can breed a Pokemon!

Can you clone a shiny Pokemon?

no you can not clone a shiny Pokemon