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How do you clone pokemon in the games?

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2015-04-13 12:02:24

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Can you clone items in Pokemon Soul Silver?

ur not able to clone items in any Pokemon rpg games; only Pokemon

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon DP?

you have to migrate off other Pokemon games

How do you clone Pokemon in red or blue?

Cloning is not possible in generation I games.

How do you clone Pokemon in Pearl?

you can't clone your Pokemon but you can breed a Pokemon!

Can you clone a shiny Pokemon?

no you can not clone a shiny Pokemon

How do you clone your Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

you can not clone on Pokemon leafgreen. you can only clone on Pokemon gold silver crystal and emerald. sorry

Can you clone Pokemon that are holding Pokemon which clone the object?


Can you clone to get a shiny Pokemon?


Clone cheat for Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no clone cheat in Pokemon leafgreen i have been trying to find one the only Pokemon games that have that cheat is Pokemon gold,siover,crystal,and emerald. i will update this page if i do find one..

How do you clone a Pokemon if it has no sex?

the same way clone a Pokemon with a sex

Can you clone Girantina in Pokemon Diamond? can clone any Pokemon

Can you clone Pokemon in Pokemon ruby and if so how?

You can't clone in ruby.

How do you clone Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

you can't, sorry, you can only clone on emerald.

Can you lose Pokemon if try to clone?

don't try to clone any Pokemon i tried to clone scitty and lost all of my Pokemon i lost 298

How do you clone Pokemon in leafgreen?

you can not clone in this gameyou can only clone in emerald version.No.You can, It's called birth. On 4 island, there is a daycare center. Put the Pokemon you want to "clone" with the same Pokemon of the opposite gender or a Ditto to "clone" it.

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon ruby version?

Sry to say it but you can't. You can only clone Pokemon in Emerald.

How do you clone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

put a ditto and the Pokemon u want to clone in the day care in 4 island, u cant clone legendary Pokemon.

On Pokémon Gale of Darkness how do you clone your Pokémon?

You cannot clone Pokemon on Pokemon XD.

Clone Pokemon on Pokemon sapphire?

You can not

How do you clone Pokemon on ruby?

You cannot clone on ruby.

How to clone on Pokemon Blue?

if you can't clone in fire red then you want be able to clone in Pokemon blue because there both the same.

How do you clone Master balls in Pokemon sapphire?

Let a Pokemon hold a master ball then clone that Pokemon and that cloned Pokemon will be there with a cloned Masterball. Note: Works with any item. Do not know how to clone Pokemon. Do you know?

Can you clone items in Pokemon ruby?

You can clone items in Pokemon Ruby. You can accomplish this by attaching the item to the Pokemon you are cloning.

POkemon platinum how to clone items?

Cant you can only on Pokemon heartgold search for how do you clone items in Pokemon heartgold and my answer will be there

Clone 99 master balls in Pokemon gold?

if you go to youtube u can see a vidio on how to clone Pokemon. give the Pokemon u want to clone a master ball and it's clone will have one two.