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1. Vacuum any organic matter out of the pool. 2. Super-chlorinate the pool. Don't be stingy. Err on the side of a bit too much, not too little. Let the water circulate for 20 minutes. You could add some algastat, too. I don't and have never had an algae problem at opening. 3. Drain the water below the skimmer. You can do this by backwashing the filter. Be careful not to run the pump dry. 4. Cover the skimmer opening with the cover provided with the closure kit, and remove the eyeball on the return. 5. Remove the hoses. Insert a black rubber stopper in the return opening. Do that from inside the pool, so the water pressure keeps it in place. Tighten the wing nut but don't over-tighten it. 6. Remove the motor/pump and the filter's valve and mode selector for storage indoors. You can leave the sand vessel outside. If you have a DE filter, you might want to bring that indoors, too, and clean it. 7. Unscrew the drain cap on the sand vessel, and remove the ladder from the pool. 8. Inflate the pillow and secure it with nylon twine. Try to center it. Make sure there is no twine hanging outside the pool. Water can wick up the twine and down the other side, creating a siphon and emptying the pool. (No sh!t.) 9. Pull the cover up and over, trying to keep the water off the top. Even it out and THEN thread the steel cable through the grommets. Secure it with the winch. 10. Try not to let too much water collect on the cover during the fall and winter. and yeah!

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Q: How do you close an above-ground pool for the winter?
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How do you close an inground pool for the winter?

yes you do close the pool actually you call the buliders of the pool and ask them when it is time to winterize it.

Does the water in your swimming pool have to be clear before you close it for the winter?

It's best if the water is cleaned before you close up the pool.

How do you close an inground swimming pool for the winter?

The following web address will give you a good guide for winter closing the pool

Why do you need to put a balloon in your pool when you close it for the winter?

Placing an air balloon under your pool cover discourages the expansion of frozen water which can cause pool wall damage.

How do you heat a swimming pool in the winter?

I don't know because I have never let my pool be open in the winter. I think you should close your pool in Se temper.

Is Bart Underground Or Aboveground?

I Thought It Was Aboveground But Know I Know It's Underground

Should you leave your inground pool empty for winter?

No. You just drain out enough water to close up the skimmers/plumbing, but the pool remains mostly full.

Should you close a pool for the winter that has algae?

No. Clean it and drain it first or you will have one stinky mess in the Spring . Also , if you get freezing temperatures , the pool may crack.

Can you turn a chlorinated aboveground pool into a saltwater pool?

Yes,but only if your pool is resin[that is constructed from 100% polymer or plastic]. It is not advisable to use salt in a "steel pool". Salt in a steel pool is a lousy salesman answer. All Chlorine is made from Salt and the amount needed in your pool is insignificant to what kind of pool you have. Any pool can be salt

What do you do if your above ground pool is very full and ice is coming close to the edge?

You're supposed to drain your pool for the winter so that a layer of ice doesn't form, expand, and crack the sides of the pool.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing an inground pool system, as opposed to an aboveground pool system?

The above ground pool option has many advantages, They are safer, cheaper and easier to build. But the In-ground pool can be handicap accessible, It is also durable and comes with endless design possibilities.

Name something you do in fall to prepare for winter?

Buy winter clothes, chop wood antifreeze close pool winterize house snow tires rake leaves

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