How do you complete mission 11 club penguin?

  • Visit the HQ and start Mission 11 - Veggie Villain
  • Speak with G. When you get to the questions about the seeds, choose any of the options. They're all wrong. He'll ask again, and then choose, "Are those corn seeds?"
  • Click on your map (in the upper-left corner) and go to Town. Then go inside the Gift Shop.
  • Click on Rookie to talk with him. After you're done, click on the corn kernels lying on the floor and place them in your inventory.
  • Scroll over to the Gift Shop office door and go through it.
  • When you arrive in the office, click on Jet Pack Guy to speak with him.
  • Pick up the corn kernels you see under the desk and put them in your inventory.
  • Your spy phone will ring. Answer it and you'll get an important message from G.

Oh no! The spy phone isn't working. Head back to HQ using the secret entrance.
Go to the Ski Village and walk into the Winter Sport Shop. Click on the dressing room curtain on the right to reveal he secret entrance into PSA HQ.
Speak with G. Herbert appears on the screens and you will talk with him too.
After they're finished, go back out to the ski village.
Talk to Rookie and then talk to the brown penguin who is crying.
Go tothe Beach and then go inside the lighthouse. There is a CD lying on the ground under the piano. Pick it up and place it in your inventory.
Scroll to the left and pick up the spray bottle and cloth.
Take the spray bottle and click on the DVD in your inventory. Spray a few times until you get a message about it being enough. Then click on the cloth and wipe the DVD a few times until you get a message that the DVD is completely clean.
SPECIAL PRIZE: Here's where you can do the steps to get the special gift at the end of the mission. We're going to fix the poor brown penguin's glasses.
Pick up the empty tin can lying on the floor (scroll to the left to see it). Take it outside to the beach and then fill it with water (click on the can in your inventory and then click on the water.)
Go back to the HQ using the secret entrance and go inside the Gadget Room.
Place the can on the conveyer belt. Click the lever to move it inside the chamber. Press the snowflake button to freeze it. Then click on the lever one more time to move it out of the chamber. It will tip over and an ice cube will fall out.
Click on the ice cube and put it into your inventory.
Use the map to go to the Beach. Go inside the lighthouse and click on the top part of the stairs to go up to the beacon on the roof.
Talk to the construction penguin who is fixing the telescope. Give him the ice cube and then pick up the spare lens on the ground.
Go back to the ski village and give the lens to the brown penguin.
Now back to the main mission! Click on the DVD player and put the DVD inside (click on the open/close button, then place the DVD in the tray and press the open/close button again.) It will start playing automatically.
Talk with Rookie and he'll mention the box on the side of the player. This is the transmission receiver. Click on the DVD player again and then click on your spy phone. Click on the tools button and select the spanner/wrench. Click on the box on the right with the satellite dish icon on it and it will open up.
Now you will play a game that's just like the classic game, Master Mind. It's different for everyone but if you follow the instructions it's very simple. You need to match the colors so that all four are the right color in the right place. They'll have little green circles around them when they're correct.
  • Use your map to go to the Mine Shack. Then click on the corn field that has appeared in the back to the left of the shack.

Follow the trail of popcorn on the ground until you arrive at a very large pile of popcorn.
Pick up the small piece of torn paper on the ground and put it in your inventory.
Choose the path to the right and follow the polar bear footprints. Pick up the remaining pieces of torn paper as you go and place them on top of the original piece in your inventory. When you're done, you should complete the piece of paper and see an icon appear in the top corner of the screen.
There is a wooden board next to the last piece of paper. Pick it up and place it in your inventory.
Now you need to get through the maze. Return to the big pile of popcorn and then use the directions you can see in the note you just assembled. Choose the paths with the watering can, the corn kernels, the fertilizer, the hot sauce and finally the coffee beans.
You'll arrive at a river that you need to cross. Remove the board from your inventory and put it on the river. Then cross over it.
Take the corn kernels from your inventory and place them on one of the torches. This will make popcorn that causes the ladder to slide down.
Click on Herbert to speak with him. When he's done talking, unplug the computer.

You'll be transported along with a strange object back to HQ. Click on G to talk with him. Herbert re-appears on screen and his plot is revealed. You've got to find a way out!

There's an orange book in the middle of a set of colored books on a table nearby. Click on it.

A special object will pop out of the bookcase on the right. Click on it and then click on the word Help to get instructions.

You need to slide the colored pieces around so that the inner ring matches the outer ring. This should be pretty easy to do.

Special Agent Dot will appear in the bookcase. Click on her.

You will all transport safely out of the PSA HQ.

There will be a short bit where G and Dot talk about the end of the PSA and how you're great material to join the EPF.

After they're done talking, you'll get your medal and the special gift from Dot for helping the brown penguin with his glasses. theres the walkthrough for finishing the 11th (and maybe last?) mission for the PSA!!!