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count the squares and number each on then click the squares with these numbers but they must be in this order 5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,15,16 hope that helps ;)

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Go in the rocket ship and fly over to the poptropica planet THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO IT!!!

She the PRINCESS is on a asteroid being held hostage by Morder

if you mean the planet in the asteroid belt then it is X:11 Y:82

After you beat Fire planet planet,and Jungle planet the princess will be waiting on one of the asteroids in the asteroid belt.

You go to the earth like planet and click on it

She isn't on a planet.she is on a asteroid (if you are talking about astro-knights island)

Go to the lower left, towards the asteroid belt, and look for an extra planet.

Ceres is both an asteroid and a dwarf planet.

you go to a mysterious planet in the asteroid belt then get the key and then beat the monster with the owl and then take the princess!

When a group of asteroid get close enough to each other, they can form a planet.

Get under a snowball and your force field will deflect it on to him.

After you defeat the ice plant you go to the fire plant or jungle plant. But if you were already there you can go to the asteroid belt where there is a castle shaped like an asteroid.

There is no "impact asteroid". An asteroid impact however is when an asteroid hits a planet or moon.

On Mordred's secret asteroid. The space cordinates are X-11, Y-83.

No planet ever existed where the asteroid belt is. The mass is insufficient for a planet to have formed from all that debris.

Biyo is not really a planet, its an asteroid in the asteroid belt a few km across. It was named after a teacher.

When an asteroid hits a planet it makes a huge dent in the planet also kn-owed as a crater.

Type your answer here... go to the asteroid belt at the bottom left corner of space smash through the astroids with the ship gun

X is 11 Y is 82 or 83 something around can't miss it...the planet has silver stickes sticking out of it(:

the asteroid planet is solid