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count the squares and number each on then click the squares with these numbers but they must be in this order 5,6,7,8,10,11,13,14,15,16 hope that helps ;)

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Q: How do you complete the puzzle door to get into the asteroid planet on poptropica on astro nights?
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How do you get to the asteroid planet on poptropica?

The coordinates are X 11, Y 82.

How do you go back to the poptropica planet from the big asteroid?

Go in the rocket ship and fly over to the poptropica planet THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO IT!!!

Where is the ice planet on astro nights poptropica?

It is Southeast of earth.

What planet is the princes on in poptropica?

She the PRINCESS is on a asteroid being held hostage by Morder

Where is the big asteroid in Astro Knights Island in poptropica?

if you mean the planet in the asteroid belt then it is X:11 Y:82

Where is the princess ess on poptropica?

After you beat Fire planet planet,and Jungle planet the princess will be waiting on one of the asteroids in the asteroid belt.

If ship left on planet how do you get back poptropica astro nights?

You go to the earth like planet and click on it

How do you beat astro nights ice planet on poptropica?

Watch a YouTube video

Where is the dragon at the website poptropica in astro nights?

The big red planet that is by spaceships

How do you complete level 9 on asteroid planet on bubble saga?

you don't

On the asteroid planet how do you open the door poptropica astro knights?

it is x:21 y:81 -yepp

What does the planet the princess is on look like poptropica?

She isn't on a planet.she is on a asteroid (if you are talking about astro-knights island)

How do you get rid of the sharks around the ice planet in poptropica astro nights?

take them into the black hole

Where do you go after you get all the knights on poptropica?

Go to the lower left, towards the asteroid belt, and look for an extra planet.

How do you get to the last platform on poptropica on fire planet in astro nights?

jump from third last one to last one

Is Ceres a dwarf planet or asteroid?

Ceres is both an asteroid and a dwarf planet.

Can an asteroid be a planet?


How do you get the princess in Astro knight on poptropica?

you go to a mysterious planet in the asteroid belt then get the key and then beat the monster with the owl and then take the princess!

Can a asteroid be a planet?

When a group of asteroid get close enough to each other, they can form a planet.

On poptropica Astro-Knights where do you go after ice planet?

After you defeat the ice plant you go to the fire plant or jungle plant. But if you were already there you can go to the asteroid belt where there is a castle shaped like an asteroid.

How do you make snowballs to hit the beast in ice planet in astro nights at poptropica?

Get under a snowball and your force field will deflect it on to him.

What is an impact asteroid?

There is no "impact asteroid". An asteroid impact however is when an asteroid hits a planet or moon.

How do you enter the big red planet on astro knights poptropica?

On Mordred's secret asteroid. The space cordinates are X-11, Y-83.

Is an asteroid an exploded planet?


Is the asteroid belt a gas or a solid?

the asteroid planet is solid