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Well it sounds like you got the old one out. So logic dictates that you purchase a New Replacement you may even have a choice Same Plastic or Metal. Good Luck and Remember.
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Where is the radiator drain valve 1998 Suburban?

It is on the inside bottom right corner of the radiator. Towards the engine. It will be a plastic drain cock. It is hard to see, but it is there,

Where is the airbag sensors on a 2005 suburban?

The sensors are located at the bottom of the radiator supports. You have to remove the plastic windshield at the bottom (4 simple bolts). At the bottom you'll see the yellow plugs, small wire harness to on each side of the radiator

What if you have a small crack in your radiator of 2004 impala?

If the radiator tanks are plastic you will have to replace the radiator.

How do you fix a cracked radiator reservoir?

If you mean the plastic overflow tank, replace it. If you mean the plastic tanks on either side of the radiator core, replace the radiator.

Where is the radiator drain on a 1998 ford truck?

1. Place a drain pan of sufficient capacity under the radiator and open the petcock (drain) on the radiator. è Plastic petcocks easily bind. Before opening a plastic radiator petcock, spray it with some penetrating lubricant. 2. Drain the cooling system completely. 3. Close the petcock. 4. Remove the drain pan.

What kind of plastic is a radiator on a 1997 mercury cougar?

the radiator itself is either aluminum or copper only the tanks are plastic

What can buy to seal a crack in plastic tank of radiator?

A new radiator.

There is a hole in the plastic on the side of the radiator Can it be fixed?

Usually a radiator is made of metal. Plastic can not take the pressure. A hole can be fixed by welding. A radiator shop can tell you for sure.

Can nunchucks be made completely of plastic?

Nunchucks can certainly be made completely our of plastic. The plastic must be a very hard plastic, though. They can be made from wood, metal, or plastic.

Can you change plastic end caps on a radiator in a 92 Jeep Cherokee?

replace the radiator correct, the radiator is junk.

What is a radiator cowl?

The plastic shroud behind the radiator usually covering the fan blades

What is the radiator of a 2002 Saturn SC2 made of?

It's an aluminum radiator with plastic tanks.

Is an 1988 Camry radiator plastic?

Probably not.

Where is the radiator drain on a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban?

Plastic petcock shaped like a T. it will be on the passenger side of the radiator facing the rear of the truck.Be careful when draining as to not burn yourself. Also try to catch the coolant in a tub or something so animals dont drink it. It will cause them immediate death.

Does a 1999 Chrysler have a metal or plastic radiator?

Aluminum core, plastic side tanks.

How do you fix a plastic radiator leak?

By replacing the radiator. I've seen people use JB Plastic Weld and it only holds up for a few weeks.

You got a hair line crack on the plastic piece on top of your radiator how do you fix it its a 1998 Plymouth neon?

If the radiator cracks on top or bottom (bolth sides are plastic) ........ replace the radiator, can't be properly repaired.

Is there a radiator cap on a 95 olds aurora?

Yes it is the cap on the plastic radiator fill tank

Where is the radiator fan relay on a Volvo s70?

On top of the radiator under a black plastic shield.

Where is the radiator petcock on a 2000 Grand Marquis?

plastic valve on driver side on inside of radiator

Where is radiator drain plug on 300zx?

Bottom of the radiator. In most cases you have to remove the plastic splash guards that run under the radiator.

How do you remove the cigar lighter from the dash of a 99 suburban?

plastic bezel that holds the three lighter in the dash of my 99 suburban clip on?

Is there a repair kit to mend a plastic radiator nipple that the upper radiator hose fits on?

No. Over the years, being a mechanic, I've tried every imaginable attempt at repairing the plastic and nothing has held. REPLACE THE RADIATOR. Usually radiator shops have the best prices.

Is the radiator metal or plastic for a 1992 Toyota 4 cylinder pickup 4X4?

On my 91 it is metal (copper, or an alloy I believe?), although I have never heard of a plastic radiator.

Dodge caravan 2005 radiator is it metal or plastic?

Aluminum core with plastic side tanks.

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