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If you are using Red Hat 8 or more then install your Vega card and then boot into linux. Red Hat should automatically be able to configure it. If not then find out whether that Vega card is supported in the Linux that you are using. Also find out the driver of your Vega card for Linux .... from the manufacturer's web site.

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Q: How do you configure a Vega card in Linux?
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In Linux, you can configure a network card (it;s IP address, and if it is turned on or off) with the 'ifconfig' command.

How do you configure a network card in Linux?

That depends very much on what you want to configure with it. Many aspects, such as MAC address and IP address, can be configured with the ifconfig command.

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What version of Linux do you want to configure the network on? there are thousands of distro's... and I need to know the following in order to answer your question: 1. Linux version 2. Network Card type 3. What kind of network connection are you trying to make?

Which tool is using to configure network devices in Linux?

NetworkManager is the tool used to configure network devices in Linux. Linux, a computer operating system, was originally released in 1991.

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There are numerous web server packages available for Linux, each with their own method of configuration. For a more specific answer, please ask "How do you configure Apache web server?", "How do you configure Lighttpd?", "How do you configure TomCat?", etc...

Why is it important to configure and enable iptables on your fedora Linux server?

Because if you don't, the internet will not work properly. "iptables" is the method used to configure the built-in firewall in the Linux kernel.

What tool in Linux can be used to configure a wireless Network Interface Card?

There's a program called wicd which seems to work pretty well. I think it stands for "wireless interface card daemon", but I'm sure about that. Just google for "wicd"

How do you configure a Linux proxy server?

There are many proxy server packages available; each has their own method of configuration. You need to be more specific as to the one you wish to configure.

How do you configure Linux?

At its most basic, almost every aspect of Linux can be configured using a simple text editor. Configuration files are stored in /etc, /usr/share, or in a user's personal directory. Distributions using a GUI usually have their own graphical utilities to configure settings as well.

How can you configure LDAP domain controller in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4?

To configure LDAP domain controller in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, import the users from the LDAP server with the use of the domain server. Then login using the LDAP and reduce the DNS LDAP priority on the settings.

Which can be seen within the BIOS?

Press either f2, f4 or f6 on start up. That will take you there. I don't see why you need to go to the BIOS for that anyway. If you add a dedicated graphics card, it should come with its drivers which you can configure within windows/linux.

Why is windows famous?

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There are many FTP server packages in Linux, each with different configuration files and syntaxes. A single question trying to answer how to configure them all would be long and unwieldly, and would duplicate information found in a question about a single implementation. Please ask a question about a single implementation, such as vsftpd or tftpd, instead.

How do you configure a Linux server?

You should first connect with ssh to the server ssh user@server-ip

How do you configure a VNC server in Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

vncserver:1vncpasswdchkconfig vncserver on

How do you dual-boot Windows and Linux?

Install Windows first, if you have not installed either yet. After it is installed, just install Linux to the other partition or disk. Most modern Linux distributions use GRUB, which will detect and automatically configure a menu for you to choose from when you start the computer.

What should you do if your network card is detected in Windows but not in Linux?

You can use a program called NDISWrapper. It will use the Windows driver for your network card and allow it to be used in Linux.

How do you configure my sd card for my r4?

Dont Know Mate

How do you install and configure Lexmark X5450 under the Ubuntu 7.10?

Printers in the x5400 series are unsupported by any version of Linux, and will probably remain so, due to Lexmark's refusal to provide Linux drivers for their printers.

How do you configure root account and grub in Linux?

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Why do your earphones fail to work when you are using Linux yet they work properly in windows?

Either, you need to increase the volume in Linux or Linux did not recognize your sound card.

What should the user do to improve the graphics card performance?

configure the application to run correctly with the new graphics card

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The Mac's AirPort card conforms to the standard IEEE 802.11 and should be recognised by a Linux installation. From personal experience it works fine with Ubuntu without any need for configuration.

How do you configure ftp server in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5?

You can install a ftp server like vsftpd, it's configuration is in vsftpd.conf, the text file is explanatory

What is iptables and how does the help harden the fedora Linux server?

iptables is the current host-based, Linux IP stateful firewall and routing service that can be enabled in your Fedora Linux Server. It controls incoming and outgoing network connections and either allows, disallows, or forwards requests based on a set of defined rule sets you configure within the firewall application itself.