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How do you connect USB TV tuner to my PC?


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What you do is you connect the USB cable to the USB port on the side of your computer it is easy

You might use a phoenix card reader to connect USB TV Tuner to your PC, it also support CAM.

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A USB TV tuner is a TV tuner card that connects to a computer via the USB port. First you need to connect the tuner, then connect satellite or antenna to the tuner. Usually you need install the driver on your computer. After those you can scan channels on your computer.

Connect the external TV tuner card to the laptop using a coaxial cable. Boot up the laptop, and then connect the external TV tuner to a USB port on the laptop. Install the software that goes with the external tuner and follow the prompts.

it will work if you have a tv tuner, if you dont have one you probably wont be able to connect the two

with a computer you would use a tv tuner card or a usb tv tuner.

Watch tv on pc with tv tuner cards.

No, most projectors do not have TV tuners. You will need to connect the antenna to a digital TV tuner, and then connect the tuner to the TV.

Without cable, one channel only-AnswerWith Dish TV and and Sky you cannot watch multiple channels, but atleast you would get ONE channel after scanning for channels on your TV tuner, and that would be changable only from your set top box. ------------------1.Install a DVB-S2 TV Tuner Card on your PC2.Connect the satellite cable3.Install a phoenix card reader on your PC(connect by USB port)4.Insert the smart card(issued by TaTa Sky)5. Scan channels on your PC.(By online shore technical team)

You can either Subscribe to Online TV Channels or can connect a TV Tuner Card to PC\Laptop to view Television Channels on your Computer.

This USB device allows you to connect either an antenna or cable wire to your computer. It gives you the ability to watch TV directly on your laptop, as well as record tv shows.

All you need is a TV tuner card that has "AV in" facility. From your Set Top Box connect the AV cord to your AV in port of your TV tuner card and you are done.

No you cant. I tried it and it didn't work. Sorry, pal.

Yes you canUse your laptop's PCMCIA or USB connections with a TV tuner card.See the Related Links.Alternatively www.howtowatchtvmoviesonline.blogspot.comexplains the various ways you can watch TV on you laptop/PC.

A PC TV tuner is typically used to watch or record television programming on one's desktop or laptop computer. There are both analog and digital TV tuners available on the market for consumers.

The official website does not give an information of this competition. So you would need to check the authenticity of this information. --------------- You can buy a DVB-S2 USB TV Tuner +a phoenix smart card reader from and online shop, also you need to buy the smart card from the channel service provider and install them on your PC.

If you are using the TV's own tuner, connect the digital audio output of the TV to the digital input of the surround receiver. If you are using an external (cable or sattelite) tuner, connect an HDMI cable from the tuner to the receiver, and then connect the HDMI output from the receiver to the TV.

TBS International is a professional producer of digital TV tuner for PC, which brings you watch satellite TV to PC

Not the direct way! Most of the set top/hub station boxes don't allow copying of recorded programs to DVD or PC.You can connect a TV tuner card on PC to the set top box, play the program to your PC and can use the recorder software attached to the TV tuner to record it to PC/HDD.Source(s):Experience

i have a 42 in monitor with hdmi but no coax cable or tv tuner card can i get a converter box or cord or can i instal or get a box with a tv tuner card

check first your satellite receiver if there is an HDMI jack. connect your HDMI cables from your satellite receiver to your tv tuner. if you don't have the HDMI jack, check the AV output jack. connect the AV cables from your satellite receiver to your tv tuner. you can use either AV or HDMI.

No, you can't do this because you need a TV tuner to select the channel. (Note, that if you have cable TV it may be possible to connect your cable box to your monitor. This depends on what outputs the cable box has.) For a desk top computer you can add a tuner board and for a laptop or a desktop machine you can buy a tuner that plugs into a USB port (make sure that the software that comes with the tuner will work on your machine.) Prices run from about $50 and up. Be careful, there are still some analog only tuners on the market -- they will no longer work in most parts of the world. Remember that if you buy a tuner, you will still need an antenna.

I think you will need what people call a "top- notch" USB tuner, as the more cheap USB tuners will break or be less successful to do the job of actually helping your television. you will need to have a very good USB connecter or otherwise you will get no reception.

You would need a TV Tuner card. Several USB models are available - there are several here:

It depends on what brand of USB tv tuner card you arr using. For example, if you are using tbs5980 Qbox box, you can download the driver from their official website. Most of the manufacturers offer the compatible drivers for their card.

First, you have to have a way for your PC to capture the Radio signal, such as a card or USB device built especially for that purpose. I have a TV Tuner card that has an FM tuner built in. With that I'm able to set up recording of TV and radio automatically. If you do a lookup on Winfast tv2000XP pro. that's the card I have.

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