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How do you connect a system as a client for Linux?

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you need to rephrase your question, or give more information on what you are trying to accomplish as this could be a very verbose answer.

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Can Regular user use both Linux server and Linux client system?

Yes, as long as they have user accounts on both machines.

Can access Linux from XP through samba but cant acces XP from Linux?

Make sure that you have installed the Samba client package on your system.

How do you connect a Windows client to a Linux server?

There are many types of services a "Linux server" can provide. You need to be more specific as to exactly what you are trying to accomplish, be it accessing a Samba share, using SSH to access a shell on Linux, a web server, a Jabber server, etc...

What is the use of xmanager in Linux?

The X Windowing System is the "de facto" standard for graphical shells in Unix and Linux. Desktops use it as a client as well as all the graphical applications.

What is the differ between clientserver and Ubuntu?

'Client server" is a generic term used to describe a network management type; Ubuntu is a specific version/distribution of the Linux operating system. Ubuntu can be installed as a client/server system if you wish.

Is Linux a system software or application software?

System software. In fact, Linux itself is *the* system software: The kernel of a Linux distribution and the central software of the Linux operating system.

Installing Linux and xp in one system?

Install XP Install VMWare Client. If your CPU is 32-bit, get version 3. Download a Linux .iso Run VMWare to create a virtual machine running Linux Dual boot is old school.

What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Shell) is a client/server package used in Unix and Linux systems to provide secure access to a remote system.

What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux used for?

red hat enterprise Linux is used as a server while red hat Linux is used as client..

Is Linux a operating system?

Yes. Linux is a computer operating system.

Is unix and Linux an open system?

Linux is an open system, Unix is not.

What is the Linux command to consult a DHCP server?


Is a Linux an operating system?

Colloquially speaking, "Linux" refers to the operating system distribution that includes the Linux kernel.

How can a Linux system administrator verify that the Linux system is forwaring IPV4 packets?

A Linux system administrator can verify that the Linux system is forwaring IPV4 packets by querying the sysctl kernel to see if forwarding is enabled.

What is Linux is a example of?

Open source Operating system

How do you connect server with client?


What is the oldest Linux file system?

The first file system Linux supported was the MINIX file system.

It is possible to install the Solidcore client onto Linux machines?


Are Linux and unix window operating system?

No: Linux is a general purpose operating system, and it has a windows system as well. Yes: Linux looks like a window operating system to the uninitiated.

What file is used on a Linux system?

There are many files and file types on the Linux system

What is kernal in Linux?

the kernal is the central part of the Linux operating system and determines how the system works - all distributions of Linux are based on this.

Is tixati good and safe?

Yes, the Tixati BitTorrent client is a good and safe client. It runs on both Linux and Windows.

Is seven an example of a windows and a Linux operating system?

7 is an example of Windows. But Linux is not Windows and there is no "Linux 7." Linux is a completely different operating system and has nothing to do with Microsoft.

What are the functions of the three system components in the Linux operating system?

1. There is no the Linux operating system.2. Only one component is strictly necessary to make a Linux operating system - the kernel.

What does DHCP provide for a Linux Administrator?

Exactly the same thing DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) provides for any other operating system administrator.Most, if not all, Linux distros come with a dhcp client in the basic installation.