How do you connect logitech x-540 speakers to tv?

I have the same model s you. To do so, there is a cable included in the box.(called a Y-Adapter) It will have a 3.5mm (likek a headphone jack) jack on one end, and 2 red and white jacks on the other. You then must connect the green 3.5mm jack to one end of the green wire (that would normally connect a computer to your sound system), and the other end of the green wire into your sound system.
Next, you will need a common red and white audio cable. (RCA) If you dont know what this is, ask someone a Futureshop or Target. Connect one end of this cable to your Y-Adapter, and the other end to your TV where it says "Audio Out".
Finally, on your volume controll, turn the power on and press Matrix so that the little LED is lit.
You're Done!
by abram. :)