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How do you connect two visualboy advance?

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It is possible to connect two Visualboy Advance emulators, which allows you to trade with yourself. To do this you should look online for detailed instructions as it is complicated.

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Where can you download VisualBoy Advance?

VisualBoy Advance can be downloaded from the project's website at the link below.

Is VisualBoy Advance free?

Yes. VisualBoy Advance is free to download, use, and modify under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Is VisualBoy Advance legal?

Yes, Visualboy Advance is legal to download and use. However, downloading commercial ROMs is not legal.

Can you play Nintendo DS games on VisualBoy Advance?

No. VisualBoy Advance only supports Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.

Can you play GameCube games on VisualBoy Advance?

No. VisualBoy Advance only emulates the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance.

How do you play Pokemon LeafGreen on your computer?

First download Visualboy Advance Emulator, then download Pokemon Leafgreen version ROM and load it with Visualboy Advance.

What is VisualBoy Advance?

VisualBoy Advance is a Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance emulator. if you want it and other emulators and systems, go to Emuparadice. if you want a nintendo DS i suggest desmume. Nintendo 64=Project 64. GBA=Visualboy advance. Gamecube...well i'm not sure on that one. so there you have it. NOTE:the Visualboy advance as far as i know only plays GBA emulations. Happy Emulator/Emulation hunting! :)

How do you increase the video size of VisualBoy Advance?

zoom in

How do you open VisualBoy Advance?

By double-clicking on its icon.

How do you play games on VisualBoy Advance?

Download ROMS

How do you install VisualBoy Advance?

VisualBoy Advance is a computer program that emulates the Gameboy Advance. No installation should be necessary, as once the program is downloaded (and extracted if contained in a ZIP file) it should run on its own.

Is VisualBoy Advance safe?

It is safe.... or is it? dun dun dun

Is using VisualBoy Advance illegal?

No, but downloading commercial ROMs is.

Is the emulator Visual Boy Advance free to download or do you have to pay for it?

Visualboy advance is totally free.

Can you trade Pokemon on an emulator?

Yes!! VisualBoy Advance has a link emu..

How do you put GameShark codes into a VisualBoy Advance?

To put Gameshark codes into VisualBoy Advance, click Cheats and then Cheat list. Then click "Add Gameshark..." and put a description of the GameShark code in the upper box and the code in the lower. Click on "YouTube video: How to put Gameshark codes in VisualBoy Advance" in the Related links to see a video tutorial.

How do you enter cheats into a Game Boy Advance Pokemon game?

There are no cheats for gameboy, althoughthere are for visualboy.

How do you save in VisualBoy Advance?

To save u need to download VBA 1.7.3 and it fixes the problems.

How do you hack metroid fusion on your visualboy advance emulator?

if you find the right download software yes you can.

Why doesn't my Game Boy advance emulator work with the Pokemon emerald?

Do you use Visualboy Advance? Make sure this emulator is up-to-date.

How long does VisualBoy Advance need to load a game?

The game intros should start as soon as it is opened.

Why does everytime you download the visualboy advance the icon is a pile of books?

Because you have to use WinRAR to unzip it and install it.

How do you remove skins from visualboy advance?

goto options -> video -> render method then untick the skin box

How do you open games in VisualBoy Advance?

click file the click open and find a game or open gameboy

How do you load games in VisualBoy Advance?

open up the emulator and click file open click on the file

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