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The first issue is what kind of computer you have, e.g. a tower case or a desktop. I first check the back for volts setting. Most new computers or cases come in with 215 volts and you have to flip the button to change it. Look at back for a diagram. Most have ps2 mouse connections, and a ps2 keyboard connection, some have usb connections for both. I connect the mouse, keyboard, printer, parallel port, speakers, usually green, power cord. Make sure it is off before you connect the power. Modem from phone jack, most of the time is line side of modem. Some have a network card installed so you would plug your rj45 line into the nec card. Some have USB connections.

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Q: How do you connect up a new computer?
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How do you connnect a new laptop to dial-up if it only has an Ethernet plug?

how do you connect a new laptop to dial up if the computer only has an ethernet plug,

How do you connect your old ipod to your new computer?

you plug it in to your computer then you download it and put more songs on it

How does one hook up a wireless modem router to the computer?

Connect the wireless modem with the router correctly. The computer will wirelessly connect to your modem through your router. Make sure to set up your computer correctly too.

Hooking up second computer to broadband?

If you have a wireless router just get a wireless adapter for the computer. It can be USB or PCI adapter. And connect your new adapter to the router in the same way as you connected the first computer.

What are the things needed to hook up to the internet after buying a laptop or computer?

for laptop, it will automatically search for the signal and connect. for computer you will need to connect the wire the computer and to the router

Do you have to connect the router to the computer?

If it is WIFI then you will need to connect it with the cable first to set up the passwords and access keys for wireless. Then, if you have a wireless card on your computer, you won't need the cable after setting it up.

How do you connect new devices to your computer?

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Can you connect your ps2 to your computer?

No you connect your PS2 to your TV not a computer

How do you connect punch cards to the computer?

Connect it to the computer's tower

How can you connect to a computer hub?

To connect to a computer hub, you should connect a ethernet cable from your computer to the computer hub. Each computer should be plugged into one of the various ports on the computer hub.

Which device must the computer connect to in order to use dial-up to access the internet?

The modem on your computer must connect to your Internet Service Provider's server over a land telephone line. You connect the computer's modem to a telephone jack as you would a telephone.

Whenever you connect your r4ds to your computer nothing show is up why?

press start click computer then look for it

How can you get files off a computer that has blown?

Connect the hard drive from your old computer to any new computer which has a required port (EIDE, SATA...).

How do you connect two computers without a switch?

Just connect computer to computer by crossing cable connect.

How do you install new speakers on a desktop computer?

Installing new speakers on a desktop computer is a very simple procedure. First, you must connect the speakers and the computer via usb cable that came with the computer. The best place to connect this perhaps is on the back of the computer. Then, plus in the 3.5 mm jack on the computer. Plug the power chord, turn the speakers on, and your all set!

Why wont wolfquest connect?

your computer is older and wolf quest is a new progress

How do you clear all info on the itouch and start new?

Connect it to your computer and restore it.

How do you get photos from your iPod to a new computer?

you have to connect a ipod computer cord and a little window should pop up that says apple ipod ransfer photos and videos useingwindows or windows live allery

What are the various ways that you can connect to the Internet?

1. Your Computer may come with internet. 2. You can buy and connect your computer to a modem. 3. You can use a telephone as a modem. 4. You can connect a wireless thing (I dont know what it is but you can connect it to the USB on your computer anywhere, wirelessly). 5. You can hook your cell phone up to the USB for a modem.

Where do you hook the kindle up on the computer?

You use the lead supplied with the Kindle - to connect to the computer's vacant USB port.

What is the best wa6 to back up the data on my a ndroid?

the best way to back up data on an android is to connect it with a computer using a USB cable and saving them in the computer

How do you connect internet to a 15 computer lan?

You want to look up ICS.

How do you restore your iPhone?

Connect it to your computer, open up itunes, and click restore

Where do you hook up a kindle on a computer?

You would connect it to a spare USB socket.

Can you unsync an ipod from your computer when you dont have the computer?

Yes. Connect the ipod to another computer with itunes. Then when itunes pops up click "Yes" in the dialogue box that pops up. The box asks you if you want to erase the sync and make a new sync. If you don't have a computer, on the ipod go to Settings > Reset settings.