How do you contact Facebook by phone?

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You will have to Contact your Phone Carrier!

Look In A Phone Book Or Contact Them On Facebook

Firstly selects the subject of your question then open facebook setting and then click on support inbox button and follow the instruction you can contact Facebook via an Email Id and Phone Number.

You can only see friend's phone numbers in Facebook if that friend posts their number in their profile under contact information.

No phone number for the show is know, but you can contact them on their Facebook page at the Related link.

You need to contact Supreme Overlord on the Mothership to get the secret Facebook passcode to unlock Candy Mountain.

Read Help section in facebook. it will guide you how to contact facebook support.

A phone (probably a blackberry) that has a button specifically for accessing Facebook

Contacting Facebook administrators can prove to be frustrating. Seeing as how Facebook is free there is no immediate help solutions. But you can contact them through the help settings on Facebook.

There is no contact information given on the website. Nevertheless you can get in contact via phone. The telefon numbers for each supported country are given on the website. It is also possible to contact them with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

No, but you can send the picture from your phone to facebook and when you get on facebook you can make it your profile picture!

One can contact the Postal Credit Union on their official website through the contact form, at twitter and facebook or by e-mail. There are also phone numbers on the site.

yes you can if they have their phone number listed on facebook

Yes, you can open a Facebook account with a phone number.

Facebook do not inform WikiAnswers when they have problems. Contact Facebook.

upload facebook mobile to your phone, this is only needed if your phone does not recieve internet access

Easily Contact Facebook Customer Service-Well the quickest and direct way to contact Facebook is to use the phone that's not a heavy weight process. To avail the Facebook Customer Service, all you would like to connected with Facebook experts by simply dialing Facebook Phone Number. Simply share your issue and acquire an answer in just the once. Your drawback would be resolved over the phone or is also solved on remote support mode. Our Facebook Customer Support Team can assist you at any time and solve your issue instantly. Recover a hack facebook account 1 844-827-1201

Because maybe you have to wait for the information to load or your phone/laptop isnt working and cant hold the information. Maybe you have to much info for your phone/laptop to hold. You should contact Facebook support if the problem is localized purely to one section of Facebook rather than your internet connection as a whole.

It's Facebook for your smart phone!

You can pay with your creditcard, paypal, or your phone.

No official fan phone number can be found for Indian actor Jiiva. Most actors do not have phone numbers for fans to call. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter or vist his website for contact information. His site, Facebook fan page, and Twitter page are linked in Related Links.

You need to contact the sponsors of Facebook for your answer.

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