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How do you convert Quickbooks enterprise solutions 2005 to Quickbooks premier edition 2006?


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You can get peachtree or microsoft's version of business software to convert to it, then you can download the quickbooks conversion tool to turn it back into quickbooks.

Converting to another accounting package and then back to QuickBooks again is bound to lose some of your data however because not all other accounting packages support the same types of transactions that QuickBooks does. The conversion tool that brings data back into QuickBooks also uses the QB SDK which also does not support all types of transactions such as payroll. It also will not transfer any online services you may have subscribed to. The best way to convert your data is to seek the assistance of a company that offers a conversion service capable of transferring all of the data without relying on the QB SDK. A search on google for "convert quickbooks enterprise to pro or premier" will result in a few different options.